Several months after the initial rollout of YouTube’s “Community” feature which was released for a handful of creators, the giant video-sharing website is now giving the feature a wider audience as it rolls out to more creators today. Although it is still experimental at this point, YouTube is giving it the name, Reels.

Inspired after its rivals, Instagram and Snapchat’s Stories, Reels is a feature which will allow creators to make bite-sized video pieces and tie with them with added aesthetics like texts, music, and filters.

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But unlike its original inspirations, Reels try to deviate itself a little bit by being a separate and dedicated page for creators which contradicts the current trend which lets them sit atop the home page.

Yet, perhaps the selling point of Reels, is that the posted snipper videos are to remain indefinitely posted and is subject to the creator’s whim when to put it down.

Sources: YouTube | Via: TechCrunch

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