A display of the company’s significant demand, DITO Telecommunity said on Friday that its overall number of subscribers is now at 9 million, a massive leap from what was just 1 million in June last year.

March 2021 marked DITO’s start of its service and is now headed for its third-year technical audit by July, per the company statement. 

Exuding optimism over the DITO’s staggering growth, company Chief Administrative Officer Adel Tamano anticipates a “70 percent” coverage of the country’s entire population just before the calendar hits July this year.

That hope does not seem to be off-based, however, considering the third telco’s current network coverage, which is now expanded across 540 cities and municipalities nationwide.

In those locations, nearly 5,000 cellular towers were built on over 100 data centers and 30,000 kilometers of fiber cable were established, weaving a vast network in the entire archipelago.

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  1. maganda sana kung babaan nila ung mga mga promo nila. taasan un data allowance napaka liit.. saka upgrade din nila service nila sobrang hirap tumawag.