Popular internet performance analytics firm Ookla just released its Speedtest Global Index ranking for the month of May 2022.

Just like in previous months, the Philippines’ rankings in Ookla’s mobile and fixed broadband categories have climbed. The improvement can be attributed to the government and internet service providers’ (ISP) continuous efforts to roll out and improve internet services in areas of the country.


For mobile internet speeds, the Philippines is now ranked at 91, which is 4 spots higher than the previous period. That’s all thanks to the recorded median download speeds of 19.26Mbps, upload of 5.46Mbps, and 23ms latency.

You can take advantage of these speeds from the prepaid promos offered by the big three: Smart, Globe, and DITO. Such promos were made to fit everyone’s needs; whether it’s for media consumption, social media, gaming, and more.


Meanwhile, the country is a rank higher at #58 in the fixed broadband category. The Philippines was able to record median download and upload speeds of 60.09Mbps and 56.44Mbps, respectively, with 6ms latency.

These numbers can be attributed to different fiber internet plans offered by different ISPs in the country.

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