DITO Telecommunity reported that they have already put up 1,900 cell towers across the country as part of their commitment for its first year.

In a hearing, DITO Telecommunity chief Adel Tamano reported that they have already put up 1,900 cell towers, which he said is more than enough to deliver its promise to provide a minimum internet speed of 27Mbps to 37% of the population in the country.

Last October, DITO said they have already built 1,532 towers, which 600 more than the 859 towers built in September. They have also laid out about 11km of cable, which makes DITO confident that they could meet the requirements.

The said hearing was with the Senate Public Services Committee that discusses the extension of DITO Telecommunity’s franchise, which it inherited from Mislatel, for another 25 years.

Albeit, the renewal has been deferred as committee chair Sen. Grace Poe wants DITO to deliver its promises first.

But considering its milestones, the third telco is confident enough that they will be able to accomplish its commitment to provide internet coverage to 37% of the population in its first year. 50% on the second, and 70% and 84% in the third and fourth year, respectively.

Moreover, the postponed July 8 technical audit has been moved to January 7, 2020. The panel will also conduct an executive discussion on the possible cybersecurity issues as the company is co-owned by China Telecom, a Chinese company blacklisted by the U.S.

As of writing, DITO has begun its user testing phase to ensure everything is working in time for its commercial rollout on March 2021.

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