Manila’s Internet speed now at par with Southeast Asian neighbors

Based on OpenSignal’s latest report


It seems like the Philippines’ poor internet speed is slowly changing its bad reputation as it can now compete with its neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

According to independent research agency OpenSignal, Manila’s internet speed posts mid-tier level scores in comparison to other cities in the region.

Based on the report, the Philippines’ capital city posted a 11.2Mbps download speed experience score lagging behind Kuala Lumpur’s 11.8Mbps and Ho Chi Minh’s 14.7Mbps. However, its rating is higher than Phnom Pehn’s 6.3Mpbs, Jakarta’s 8.2 Mpbs, and Bangkok’s 9.8Mbps. Meanwhile, Singapore leads the region at 39.9Mbps download speed experience score followed by Hongkong (16.7Mbps).

Analysis of the report also show that in terms of mobile video experience score, Manila received “fair” rating. Other cities who fell to similar category are Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, and Jakarta. However, with 45 as its score, Manila still lags behind in the region.

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Earlier report from OpenSignal revealed that in Manila, Smart Communications were able to achieve a download speed experience speed of 15.2Mbps compared to Globe’s 7.6Mbps. In terms of  video experience score, Smart also has higher result of 55.4 as opposed to Globe’s 35.2.

The data collection and findings were made from November 1, 2018 to January 29, 2019 and it also revealed that both telecos are tied when it comes to 4G availability in the Philippines.

The video experience metric OpenSignal is using an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) approach to measure the video quality. As for the download speed experience, it also takes into account 4G and 3G speeds together with the current availability of the technology in every country.

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