Huawei dealers offer 100% refund if apps stop working


In a way to show support to Huawei Philippines, the company’s authorized dealers organized its Special Warranty Program. This is a way to reassure those who are about to purchase a brand new device but worried about the effects of the recent Huawei US ban.

The Huawei Special Warranty will cover upcoming purchases of any Huawei smartphone. The company will provide 100% refund if Google apps and services such as Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and other Google and non-Google apps like Facebook and Instagram, ever stopped working on their devices.


The Huawei Special Warranty is applicable to devices like the flagship Mate 20 Pro and P30 Pro, midrange devices like the P30 Lite and Y9 2019, and even the MediaPad M5 Lite tablet.

This exclusive program is made possible by Huawei’s partners such as MemoXpress, Rulls, Tekphone, and more multi-brand shops around the Philippines.


This is the authorized Huawei dealers’ move to reassure its prospective users that their current and some of their upcoming devices are still supported by Google. This is after US President Donald Trump’s directive to American tech companies like Google to stop doing business with the Chinese tech brand.

However, Google has then expressed their support for Huawei. They said that they are trying their best to keep doing business with the company. Huawei also confirmed that they’re hard at work on developing their own OS as they prepare for the worse.


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  1. How about my phone huawei Y6 2018? Google app is not working? what should i do about this? Me as a student google is very much needed.

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