Ookla, the company behind the popular SpeedTest internet analysis firm, released its latest report for Q3 2021.

Smart Communications is still at the number one place as the fastest mobile operator in the Philippines — a position it has held for years now. It got a Speed Score of 59.71. That’s about 2x than what the second-placer got, Globe Telecom, with 28.38, while DITO is coming in close at 25.34.


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The median latency scores are quite close. Smart is still obviously the lowest at 20ms. The surprising part is, despite being a newcomer, DITO surpassed Globe at 24ms versus 25ms.


Smart is also on top in terms of 5G performance with an average download speed of 217.03Mbps versus Globe’s 114.12Mbps.


Ookla also gave us an insight into the top mobile devices with the fastest network connection. The top three spots were taken by the iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12. They all have a latency of 23ms and average download and upload speeds of 74.68mbps and 8.31mbps, respectively.


The three are followed by the Redmi K40 5G from Xiaomi, which actually arrive in the Philippines as the POCO F3. Ironically, it surpassed a more expensive device, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

If you’re curious, here are the top smartphone brands with the fastest internet based on collective speed scores. As you already know, Apple, Xiaomi, and Samsung are on the top spot, followed by Huawei and Realme.


As for the places in the Philippines with the fastest median mobile download speeds, Metro Manila locations are on the top three. At number one, we have Caloocan, which has median download and upload speeds of 22.05Mbp and 7.30Mbps, respectively.


Overall, the Philippines is now at #72 in the global rank, which is a rank higher than before.

Via: Ookla

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