The Philippines’ largest telco PLDT is set to build the first data center that will serve global hyperscalers.

As the first data center primed for global hyperscalers, this facility will also be the largest for such purpose with a target Tier-3 and Tier-4 data center architecture certification. Despite being backed by a telco, the data center will also be made telco-neutral while committing to sustainable measures in its operations.

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The Philippines is poised to be the next hub for hyperscalers, or massive companies with cloud and internet services. As such, PLDT has been investing in submarine cable systems and looking to sell its older data centers on a sale-leaseback arrangement. According to Nico Alcoseba, PLDT’s head of ICT business for enterprise, the company is “bullish” in meeting hyperscaler demand.

Alcoseba said that this hyperscaler-designed data center will have a power capacity that surpasses the combined capacity of the company’s 10 VITRO data centers.

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  1. This is great news. Alibaba has announced their intentions to build here, but a quality carrier neutral facility has been missing for so long and has hurt the country. PLDT is, of course, immediately poised to be the best provider of bandwidth due to their other investments. If they can entice some significant use of this facility it has the ability to be a truly great thing. They will own the shortest path to the US and have started on the project to link to nearby countries. It puts them in the ideal geographical location to serve SEA–especially as an alternative to the China/HK situation.