Smart achieves another recognition in the latest report from Ookla, a leading internet testing and analysis firm behind Speedtest.com.

In Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence Data Q2 2021, Smart Communication got the highest score in 5G consistency and 5G availability.

Ookla calculates 5G consistency based on the percentage of users, per telco, that meets the minimum upload and download speed. Meanwhile, the 5G availability scores came from the calculation of the users’ time spent on 5G.

Smart was able to get a score of 89.78% in 5G consistency, which is noticeably higher than its main competitor, Globe Telecom, who scored 78.15%. As for 5G availability, it got a score of 14.67%, versus Globe’s 11.86%.

As per Doug Suttles, Ookla CEO, the result shows Smart’s commitment to “delivering best reliability to their customers across the Philippines.”

Before this, Ookla also recognized Smart as the fastest 5G provider in the Philippines for Q1-Q2 2021. It has download speeds of 220.66Mbps and uploads of 20.61Mbps. That’s more than two times faster than Globe’s 103.22Mbps and 8.07Mbps speeds, respectively.

Since its commercial rollout last year, Smart 5G is now available in over 4,000 locations across the Philippines. Their service is best paired with Smart 5G-certified devices.

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