I really don’t like going out just to pay the bills of my postpaid plan, internet connection, and just about everything else. I always prefer online payments as it’s much easier, quicker, and often more efficient.

GCash has always been my number one choice when it comes to this. Paying almost my bills is very easy and I can do it in just a few clicks. I have my BPI account linked to my GCash, so I first transfer some funds from my bank to GCash by dialing *119# and following the on-screen instructions. After that, I’m all set! I can buy things online using GCash AMEX, or pay my bills.

There are two methods: using the GCash mobile app and *143#. But before anything else, make sure to get your bill and take note of the AccountNumber and the amount to be paid. Let’s get started!

1. Download the app on Google Play or Apple app store.

2. Launch the app and enter your login credentials.


3. Click the ‘Pay bills’ tab.

4. Enter the amount.

5. Choose the biller (Telcos, Banks, Electricity, and some schools)

6. Input the reference number found in the billing.


7. Done!

By using the *143# method:

1. Dial *143#.


2. Choose GCash.

3. Select Pay Bills.

4. Choose between by alphabetical and by category to sort out the billers. (I prefer by category)


5. Find the service you need.


6. Input the amount.


7. Enter your 4-digit GCash MPIN.

8. Put your reference/account number.

9. Done!

How to pay your bills using Globe GCash

I usually pay my Globe postpaid plan bill using my GCash account. It’s the same process that I’ve said before – fill up your GCash from your bank account then you’re set. In fact, GCash supports numerous banks, not just BPI. You can check the full list here.

Once I receive my bill through email, I just check the amount to see if I exceeded my limit and note my account number. After that, I head straight to the mobile app and pay. It’s very convenient and I never looked back ever since I started using it.

Isn’t that easy? It’s really easy to pay your bills online. Give it a try!

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