PLDT Fiber subscribers are being treated with another free speed boost for 2023.

The new PLDT Fiber speed boost for 2023 will provide up to double (2x) the speed increase from your current plan. The best part is, instead of the usual charge of Php50-Php100 fee, this free upgrade is completely free.



If you’re a PLDT Fiber Unli Plan 1699 user, you will now receive up to 200Mbps of speed. That’s from the current 100Mbps, which actually has already been speed boost-ed as the Plan 1699 previously came with 50Mbps.

The Fiber Unli Plan 2099 also gets 2x the speeds at 400Mbps from 200Mbps while the Plan 2699 is 200Mbps faster at 600Mbps.

As said earlier, the speed boost is free, so you don’t have to request anything. But if you’re curious if the speed has already been applied, you can contact PLDT’s customer service. But if you’re an interested subscriber, you can learn more about PLDT Fiber here.

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  1. Maganda sana kong alam nyong ayosin net nyo report ng report d nyo ginawan ng aksyon kong d mabagal ang donload upload naman hays dagdag mo pa lan ports nyo d magamit 2 and 3 hays wala na kaung pagbabaho PLDT

  2. Bakit wala na naman kami internet dito sa QC? 3 separate days na kayo may issue this Feb. Pag may issue kayo samin lakas nyo makatawag pag kami may issue sa inyo wala man lang sumasagot sa phone nyo.