PLDT Home gave its loyal subscribers an upgraded smart home during the Christmas season. Along with the exclusive upgrade came an extraordinary surprise — Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez serenaded these loyal PLDT subscribers.

The exclusive upgrade included an unlimited PLDT Home Fibr plan with speed up to twice their original plan, entertainment devices, smart speaker, bulbs, and plugs and Cignal Plan 999.

The Simpson family, a PLDT subscriber since 1997 said that the upgrade is of big help because it will help in making their family’s connection stronger and more meaningful. Meanwhile, the family Calacay was a PLDT subscriber since 2004 said that the smart home will help their family because they will be able to check on their house even if they’re not at home.

Everyone can avail of PLDT’s Fibr internet services starting from just Php1,299 per month. If you don’t have Fibr in your area, you may opt for the PLDT Home WiFi, which is currently the fastest mobile network in the Philippines according to Ookla.

If you want to see the heartwarming video from PLDT, click the link below:

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