PLDT Home WiFi, a prepaid home internet service that’s powered by Smart LTE, was just hailed as the fastest in its class here in the Philippines.

The award was given by Ookla, the leading internet testing company that’s behind the popular SpeedTest app. Smart LTE, the network that’ powering the PLDT Home WiFi service, achieved a Speed Score of 17.07. That’s a big lead over the 10.05 score that its major competitor got — Globe Telecom.


Ookla recorded an average download speed of 19.33Mbps and an upload speed of 9.16Mbps. That’s compared to the competition’s 11.38Mbps and 4.74Mbps average download and upload speeds, respectively.

Besides its fast connectivity, PLDT has also doubled the data allocation of the FamLoad promos for the PLDT Home WiFi. The FAMLOAD 199 now comes with 24GB (from 12GB) of data, FAMLOAD 599 with 80GB (from 40GB), and FAMLOAD 999 with 130GB (from 64GB).


The PLDT Home WiFi provides flexibility to families who don’t want to commit to a full monthly internet plan. Since it’s a prepaid service, you’d only be paying for the internet that you use, whenever you need it.

And for those who are not familliar, this isn’t the first time that PLDT was awarded by Ookla. Both PLDT and Smart was awarded by Ookla last Q3-Q4 2018.

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