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There’s no denying how the advancement in technology caused a lot of disruptions in different industries. And ironically, PLDT, the biggest telco company in the Philippines, was one of those who were affected.

The emergence of free messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Viber had caused some of PLDT’s customers to shift in lieu of their paid SMS and Calls services — which were PLDT’s primary sources of income.

“This was a disruption that hit the whole industry. But now we have arrested the quarterly decline in revenue through better monetization of data services and increased usage of bandwidth-heavy services like video streaming and gaming,” said Ernesto Alberto, PLDT’s chief revenue officer.

According to Alberto, Smart Communications (a PLDT led company) has seen a whopping 78% spike in data consumption thanks to the data-heavy video streaming activities. Furthermore, a report from Ericsson Mobility reveals that 75% of global mobile data traffic will come from video streaming services by the year 2022.

With that, PLDT is seeing a great potential in creating more revenue with video streaming services. They are now shifting their focus on offering services that will further encourage their customers to stream videos online.

Currently, PLDT is offering packages that include subscriptions to iFlix and iWant TV. And with this move, PLDT is hoping that it will turn things around and will make their wireless unit even more profitable.

Source: Smart Newsroom

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