The new Smart 2-in-1 pocket WiFi doubles as a power bank


Smart Communications, Inc. has a new offering for hardcore mobile users. Other than providing LTE internet connectivity, the new Smart 2-in-1 Pocket WiFi can also supply battery charge to your mobile device.

The new Smart 2-in-1 Pocket WiFi is embodied in a ZTE MF903 device.This thing supports LTE connections of up to 150/50Mbps and is LTE 700MHz ready. The portable wireless router can accommodate 5 connected devices at once and equip with a 2.4GHz WiFi1x1 MIMO.

Not only that it can distribute LTE connections to multiple devices, but it can also share power top-ups if you really need one. The MF903 has a 5,200mAh that’s made for sharing. This battery capacity can full-charge most mobile gadgets that are out today.

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Smart 2-in-1 Pocket Wifi (ZTE MF903)

Smart 2-in-1 Pocket Wifi (ZTE MF903) Specs

  • Up to 42Mbps LTE speeds
  • 2G. 3G. HSPA. HSPA+. 4G LTE
  • LYR 700MHz ready
  • WiFi 802.11, MIMO, 2.4GHz
  • Up to 5 devices simultaneous connection
  • 5200mAh battery, doubles as a power bank

The new Smart Pocket WiFi is now available via their postpaid plans. It starts at Plan 499 with a one-time cashout of Php2,049 for the device and a 12-month lock-in period. Smart Bro’s base postpaid plan will include 6GB worth of monthly data allocation and a free 30-day access to iFlix.


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  1. Do not buy this product. Bought it 4 months ago and now it has been repaired twice! (Ofcourse by their authorized service center) Smart wont even let me change to a new one even if it is evident that the product is defective. Can anyone advice me on how to deal with this? I like my gadget to be replaced or I want a refund.I have tried reaching out to their customer service but no luck.

  2. Unforunately Ive read the above post after Ive bought the unit from Memo Express. My joy of using it was shortlived (because of its more than 12 hours usage time) on its 5th day of use when it did not charge after it had gotten its low power red battery icon. Tried other chargers and still no power and no charging indicator. So i returned it to the Memo Express branch where i bought it. Then they delivered it to their Binondo Head office for final checking. After almost 2 weeks of waiting, I was informed that it was repaired by City Lights – Greenhills branch (i guess it is one of ZTE authorized service center). No repair fees from the Memo express branch when i got it back. Fingers crossed. Will not wait until it is fully low batt. Under observation as of this posting.

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