Smart has officially unveiled a new postpaid offering — the GigaX plan.

The Smart GigaX postpaid plan will be the newest addition to the company’s growing number of postpaid offers. Now, consumers have three (3) options to choose from: iPhone plan, All-in plan, and GigaX plan.

The GigaX postpaid plan mainly focuses on three (3) services: mobile data, video streaming, and data rollover. This means that subscribers can enjoy going online and watching video streaming content longer with their bigger data allocation. Meanwhile, those who will be getting Plan 999 and above will be able to enjoy the data rollover feature.


What is GigaX Data Rollover?

GigaX’s data rollover feature will let subscribers with leftover and unused open access data to use them for another month, instead of forfeiting it like in previous plans. However, the data allocation will only be carried over to the next month and it will expire if still left unused. Video streaming data allocation is not included in the data rollover.

The downside of the GigaX plan is that it’s very limited when it comes to traditional SMS and calls allocations in the lower Plan 599 and Plan 799. Fortunately, Plan 999 and up gets unlimited texts to all networks.

Smart GigaX Postpaid Plans


Smart GigaX postpaid plans have a 24-month (2 years) lock-in period and all of them include a free 1-month gadget shield protection.

As part of the launch, Smart is currently running a special offer which doubles the open access data allocation of the consumer for the first six (6) months of their subscription. Here are the available smartphones included in the promo:


For more information, you may visit Smart’s official website here.

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