SMART, Sun, and TNT data services affected by on-going system issues


Smart Communications, Inc. has issued an advisory earlier today that an “on-going systems issue” is causing widespread degradation of data services.

UPDATE: Smart said that the data services have been normalized.

Subscribers of the network have been all over the company’s social media pages reporting the issue. Most of them say the connection is really slow or they can’t connect at all.

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Here is the statement as posted on Twitter.

The issue is not only affecting Smart subscribers, as both TNT and Sun users are experiencing the issues as well.

The company said that they are currently working on a solution to normalize its data services.


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  1. Kaylan po ba magiging Okay ang network kasi I badly need the network data specially po at my Online exam pa po ako by monday. I hope bumalik na siya sa dati po.

  2. I thought Saturday morning on March 30, 2020, my TNT mobile data load was consumed already prior to it’s expiration today June 1. I bought another mobile load, and register for a 1 week 2GB Data + 1GB Video everyday, for me to be used in Educational and information purposes. However, after the registration I experienced no signal of data again. I keep on cleaning my phone storage, changing SIM 1 to SIM 2, switching TNT to Globe that caused more lost of my Globe Load when I turned the Internet usage from SIM 1 to 2 as well as charged of calls. I really disappointed of your services. You have to pay back my wasted money causing the TOTALLY NO MOBILE DATA CONNECTION since May 30 up to today, June 1…

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