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Smart launches Video TimeOut promo with unli data for YouTube


Smart Communications Inc. has announced a new prepaid offering for those who love videos on YouTube.

The new Smart Video TimeOut promo is perfect for people who are always glued on their smartphones whenever they have free time. Starting at just Php10, they can now have unlimited access to YouTube for one (1) full hour.

And if that’s not enough, there’s also the Video TimeOut 25 which lets three (3) hours of video streaming in YouTube.

But what’s the difference with other mobile data offerings? First, it’s dedicated to YouTube. And more importantly, it’s time-based. This means that users will get the maximum YouTube experience because they are not bounded by limited MBs. Watching HD and 1080p videos in YouTube on a limited data allowance can burn over 1GB in just a couple of videos.

Before jumping in and trying this out, do take note that this promo is exclusive to YouTube as of the moment, so it doesn’t have data allocation for other websites and services.

To register, simply text VIDEO10 and send it to 9999. However, if you have a lot of free time, going with VIDEO25 will save you Php5 for a 3-hour access.


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