OpenSignal, an independent mobile analytics firm, just released its first 5G experience report in the Philippines for October 2021.

There’s nothing too surprising to the results OpenSignal gives us as it’s similar to Ookla’s. That said, Smart leads the report by winning all seven categories. To Globe‘s credit, it managed to share a win with Smart in two categories. Meanwhile, DITO was omitted from the competition since they’re yet to rollout 5G service.


Smart wins 5G availability with a score of 11.9%, versus Globe’s 8.4%. That’s a 3.6% lead. The 5G Video Experience scores were close at 77.9 vs 75.7, but Smart was still the ultimate winner. The distance between the 5G Game Experience scores is quite distant at 71.9 vs 66.


It’s in the actual download and upload speeds where Smart leaves Globe behind. Smart’s 5G download speed averages at 178.1Mbps, while Globe is only at 100.1Mbps. Meanwhile, Smart’s upload speed is at 18.4Mbps versus Globe’s 10.7Mbps.


To Globe’s credit, its 3.5 score for 5G reach does come near Smart’s 3.7, making them joint winners. Its 79.2 score for 5G Voice App Experience also comes near Smart’s 80.5, so OpenSignal also sees them as joint winners.


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To get this report, OpenSignal analyzed 5G experiences on both operators from July 1, 2021, until September 28, 2021, 90 days before the report was published.

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