It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. At long last, Sun Cellular subscribers, old and new, can now enjoy ultra-fast 4G LTE connectivity.

The announcement was made on Sun Cellular’s social media networks. And since this is such a big news, you can also expect it roam around the TV commercials as well.

The Sun 4G LTE upgrade is part of PLDT Group’s ongoing efforts to improve their overall network service. Both Smart Communications and Sun Cellular are living under the same roof, hence, both are being graced with the upgrade.

To activate your current SIM’s 4G access, go to your nearest Sun Shop for a FREE SIM upgrade. You’d still have the same number, only this time, with 4G access. You also want to make sure that your device has 4G support.

Since 4G is now available, Sun Cellular also announced their new data promos. For one, you can subscribe to Sun Big Time Data 70  which offers 1GB of consumable data, unlimited texts to all networks, and 30-minute calls to Sun Cellular subscribers all valid for 7 days. Simply text BDATA70 to 247 to register.

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