In the past few months, netizens have been eagerly awaiting the results of talks between Telstra and SMC to forge a partnership and challenge the current duopoly between Smart and Globe. Unfortunately, talks have fallen through with no real reason given why. According to SMC president and COO Ramon Ang:

…both SMC and Telstra worked hard to come up with an acceptable resolution to some issues. However, we agreed we can no longer continue with the talks. I believe this is best for all parties.

The SMC-Telstra venture had been initially valued at $1 billion with cell sites in Metro Manila and provinces immediately to the north and south of NCR nearing completion. With the partnership being scrapped though, SMC will instead push through alone with Telstra continuing to provide technical work design and construction consultancy support.

Ang hopes that when SMC officially launches their network, PH consumers will benefit from better and more affordable service. He says they are still open to other joint venture opportunities but are not in a rush.


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  1. Telstra got turned off with all the red tape here in the Philippines. Sayang. Pinoy consumers nanaman ang talo. We have one of the slowest internet speeds in the world, which is funny because we love our gadgets so much. Kung makapunta ka sa ibang bansa magugulat ka sa bilis ng internet.

    The duopoly of Globe and Smart means they can control the prices. Eh since kinakagat naman ng mga Pinoy yung 999/month na 1mbps, they see no need to improve their services. Just like how we have one of the highest electricity rates in Southeast Asia because Meralco doesn’t have any competition.

    How sad for us lower- and middle-class Pinoys. Another way for the one-percenters to gouge money from the common folk and widen the financial gap.