Head’s up for the fans of the classic anime, Ghost Fighter (Yu Yu Hakusho) a live-action is coming to Netflix soon.

That’s right, Netflix is reviving a childhood favorite towards a live-action adaptation. Although there are not a lot of details given—such as an expected release date—but one thing is for certain that it will only be released worldwide via Netflix.

For those who need a refresh on what the show is all about, Yu Yu Hakusho was first released in the Weekly Shonen Jump. The publication of the series went on for 4 years, starting in 1990 before it finally got adapted into an anime that streamed from 1992 to 1995.


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The story focuses on young Yusuke Urameshi (English: Eugene), a high school student who often gets into squabbles. One day, he dies getting caught in an accident after saving a child. From there, he meets a woman named Botan (English: Charlene) who apparently is a guide to the spirit world. Botan reveals to Yusuke a shocking truth and the adventures between the human and spirit world kick start—most especially when no one expects a boy who gets frequently gets into fights to become the hero figure.

Now given a second chance at life, Yusuke becomes an underworld detective grappling the in-betweens of humans, spirits, and demons. Yu Yu Hakusho/Ghost Fighter the anime series is currently streaming on Netflix, so for those who want to relive their childhood memories, or for those who want to get on board the fanbase before the live-action comes; this is the perfect time

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