While most gamers struggle to get their hands on the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 cards, one cryptocurrency miner has 78 units of them.

It’s been reported earlier that NVIDIA has sold about USD175,000,000 (around Php8.4 billion) worth of RTX 30 series cards to crypto miners. We’re not sure if the miner we’re reporting today is one of those lucky ones, but considering how scarce the stocks are, the possibility is high. Albeit, it’s also plausible that the miner bought them from scalpers at a higher price.


The said miner is Simon Byrne, who created this monstrosity of RTX 3080 cards in a 13 x 6 layout. That’s a total of 78 RTX 3080 graphics cards that are pulling about 23.4 kilowatts of power (around 300 watts each) to mine ETH. Since Byrne is from Las Vegas, extra costs for cooling is required.

When it launched, the RTX 3080 was priced at USD699 (around Php33,600), but that increased to USD1,199 (around USD57,600) due to shortage. If Byrne paid the price premium due to limited stocks, a simple math equation (USD1,199 x 78) would reveal that the GPUs cost him USD93,500 (around Php4.5 million).

That’s just the upfront cost. It’s said that the electricity cost could be around USD1,444, or a total of roughly USD2,166 per month, including electricity costs incurred from airconditioning.


All these costs would be worth it since the rig can generate ETH currency worth USD12,840 (around Php616,900) per month, as of today. Minus the costs, that’s still USD10,674 (around Php512,800) a month, or a total of USD128,088 (around Php6 million) per year.

Via: TechArp

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