Whether it’s out of circumstance or choice, and whether you like it or not, some women put themselves up for sugar dating. They basically become sugar babies for sugar daddies who can provide gifts and financial assistance. Unfortunately, it also attracts scammers who won’t hesitate to dupe women. 

According to online dating website Sugarbook, as reported by Stand For Truth, over 83,000 women in the Philippines are sugar babies. The report recounted the experiences of three women, Maricel, Gretchen, and Aileen (real names withheld), who met their supposed sugar daddies on a fan-supported Facebook community page named after the dating site.

These women were promised a good amount of money in exchange for certain deeds, such as sending nudes and video recordings of indecent acts. But as things turned out, it was just all lies and empty promises. 

Sugarbook CEO Darren Chan claims its website does not encourage prostitution.

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