Image: Marnie Saez | Facebook

With all of us stuck at home during this pandemic, most of us are finding ways to relax and entertained. Some of us keep these activities to ourselves, while some people are sharing it online to entertain others.

Remember the Malaysian guy who posted a video of him doing nothing for more than 2 hours? Well, that video already garnered 2.8M. But now, a Filipino vlogger is stepping it up further by sleeping for 4-hours on Facebook Live.

Image: Marnie Saez | Facebook

The live video, which was posted on August 12, was by Facebook user Marnie Saez, who prepped his camera beside his bed, hit the Live button, put on some blanket, did a quick prayer, and immediately dozed off. The inviting caption writes: “Time to sleep nga beshy tara sama kayo”.

Saez is deep asleep while thousand and thousands of people watch and flooding the live video with witty comments.

One commenter writes: “You’re not watching him, you’re reading the comments 😂”, others praise Saez unique talent by saying “hindi ko inaasahan sa unang pagkakataon makakakita ako ng ganitong talento🙂🙂🙂🙂”.

Meanwhile, one commenter was quite envious, saying “Sana all tulog”. Albeit, some expressed their worries about hit open-mouth sleeping: “HAHAHHAA O YUNG BUNGANGA BAKA MASUPAKAN NG IPIS BUKANG BUKA HAHAHHAHA”.

It may be a nonsense video, but it’s all in good fun and has probably brought a smile to the 2 million people that watched and 53K that shared this 4-hour video.

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