The cases of COVID-19 infection has been steadily rising in the Philippines which many suspects as a picture of Pinoy’s hardheadedness when it comes to following rules, including especially the wearing of mask. But while known for being “pasaway,” Filipinos as it seems are second in the ranks among people who actually abide by the rather imposed guideline. 

In a survey involving respondents across 29 countries conducted by the Imperial College of London and YouGov, data shows that most Pinoys do wear mask when leaving for the outdoors—anecdotally, at least.


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That’s a total of 91% of the overall respondent which makes the Philippines the second most adherent of the measure following Singapore. Subsequently, the gathered information also implies that a small portion were not wearing a mask, sometimes only wearing a mask, or only frequently wearing a mask.

Following the Philippines in the ranking are Mexico, Spain, Hong Kong, and Italy, based on the same framework.

Via: The New York Times

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