The wake of typhoon Ulysses has left many households victims to its wrath, leaving many properties submerged in tall floods and even claiming lives. It is a pitiful picture that sees those who survive clinging to dear lives and saving whatever can be salvaged in order to see another day with little possessions. 

But Filipinos are not just passive witness to the event as many are still the kindhearted ones that are ready to offer help in means that they can, such as giving money—some to their detriment as to fall victim to a scam.

Taking advantage of the situation, many scammers are heinously playing the victim, all in an attempt to trick people into giving cash. Worse still are those who have the audacity to mock those whom they have swindled off of their money.

Bringing the attention to people’s awareness, the social media has been flooded with users who share stories about the fraudulent act, solidly backed up by snapshots of conversations about the scam.

In an attempt to curb the seemingly “lucrative” yet illicit scheme, one Twitter user is asking the generous spirits among us to just offer their donations to legitimate programs and institutions and avoid entertaining those who are directly asking for financial help via private messages.

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