Vine 2013 Compilation

The Philippines is one of the most socially-savvy countries in the world, yet a lot of us aren’t familiar with Vine, a Twitter-owned mobile service that allows you to create short looping videos of anything you want.

Well, you guys might want to start getting acquainted with this little gem of an app and the library of short videos that its community has churned out since its inception at the beginning of the year. Why? Because of this 11 minute compilation of the best Vines right here.

If you want some completely random fun, it’s easy to get lost in the craziness that is Vine. Sure, a lot of the videos aren’t that funny, but every now and then you encounter a gem. This epic compilation is the perfect example of everything that a Vine video is supposed to be.

Want to make your own Vine? The app is available for both iOS through the App Store and Android on Google Play.

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