One of the biggest problems that most smartwatches are facing is battery life. Tons of manufacturers have been trying to solve this issue since the conception of smart wearables — but no one can get it right. Well, not until now.

The new LG Watch W7 combines the best of both worlds. LG was able to incorporate a lot of smart features on this watch, while also trying to make it feel like a traditional one.

Its design is reminiscent to most analog watches. This device was able to achieve that look and feel by actually having a rounded design and real, mechanical hands. LG even partnered with Soprod SA, a Swiss watchmaker, to design this new watch.


As per LG, the Watch W7 can act like a traditional wristwatch if you disable its smart features. This will allow you to use it by up to 100 days with its 240mAh battery.

But if you indeed want to use it as a proper Android Wear OS watch, and the battery runs out after a couple of days, the watch has a backup battery and can run in analog-only mode for 2 to 3 days. So rest assured you can still check the time in case you’re on a trip and can’t get a hold of a charger right away.

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As for the specs, the LG Watch W7 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor, with 768MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. And for the adventurous type, it also has a built-in compass, altimeter, barometer, and an IP68 water and dust protection rating.

For those who really care about its looks, the Watch W7 implements the standard 22mm bands so you can easily replace them with over the counter bands. LG themselves will be offering it in different band designs.

The LG Watch W7 will have a retail price of USD450 (~Php24,500) and will be available in BestBuy in the United States on October 7. The official pricing and availability outside the US are yet to be known.

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