With similarities that make one almost an identical copy of the other, the comparison between the RedMagic Watch and the OnePlus Watch is that of a quasi-clone and the original.

A look into both watches and one could tell where the idea comes from. The Nubia RedMagic Watch and OnePlus Watch share a common form factor by having a round OLED screen, which measures the same thickness (1.39 inches) and has a similar display resolution (454×454).


Another similarity is the button placements that see both the RedMagic Watch and OnePlus Watch having input components at the right side, although differed between actual push buttons and touch sensors.

Furthermore, both devices are capable of NFC sensors, but the RedMagic Watch can only use it for payments.


Using heavier material, the OnePlus Watch substantially weighs more at 45g versus the RedMagic Watch at 30g, although both are capable of water resistance by up to 5ATM.

At a running time of 15 days on a full charge, the RedMagic Watch suggests a similar energy-efficient real-time OS (RTOS) as the OnePlus Watch but hampered by insufficient application support as limited by the only dedicated app it pairs with.



But, for the price-conscious, the RedMagic Watch particularly stands out for its price tag, which is comparatively cheaper by $60 at USD99 (around Php4,800) and will be released internationally.

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