Luxury brand Chanel has brought Chinese tech giant Huawei to court in a battle over a logo design that judges ultimately did not really see as similar—and, therefore, lost.

The logo in question involves a redesign featuring overlapping elements, which in the case of Huawei is a creative illustration of the company name’s initial letter, but Chanel argues was a co-opting of its logo structure, albeit in a different orientation.

As per the argument, Chanel posits that the contested logo appears eerily similar to its company’s own figurative mark, that is, if shifted on its side from its actual presentation.

However, according to an established rule, logos are only judged as alike if comparisons can be made “without altering their orientation.”

With Huawei emerging as the winner in the EU court, it makes for the second time that Chanel lost a legal battle to the Chinese company.


But the contention is not truly over yet as Chanel still has the power to appeal against the decision and bring its complaint elsewhere—at the EU Court of Justice, which is regarded as the country’s highest.

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