Two Pinoys promote reading and sharing through Community e-library


In light of the recent trend that sees various districts getting their fair share of community-led philanthropy through food-sharing; and the upcoming World Book Day, two Filipinos launched a program that seeks to do just the same, only with reading materials.

Dubbed the “Community E-library,” Twitter users @Punongbayan_ (Stefan Punongbayan) and @not_alfonso (Alfonso Manalastas) created what is essentially a virtual library where people can gather and share reading contents in PDF format.

In a tweet, @Punongbayan_ announced the idea as a collaborative project with a fellow Twitter user, which comes with its own guidelines and a slogan claiming, “Mag-ambag ayon sa kakayahan, magbasa ayon sa kagustuhan!” (Contribute according to one’s ability, read according to one’s desire!)

Using Google Drive as a repository, the electronic library makes for a good resource of content by various genres, ranging from Academics, Novels, Comics, Magazines, and even board exam review materials.


While open for the public, access to the source would require an initial request and subsequent approval.

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