UPDATE: The Fusion Bolt used for the revisions of this review has been updated, but with the Ainol Novo 7 Venus Lite firmware, not the final release firmware made available to the public. However, the build has produced similar enough results with known benchmark scores from other users so we’ve decided that the Venus Lite firmware meets the needs for an updated review for the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt.

What can Php4k get you these days? When it comes to the latest gadgets, not much. But when Cherry Mobile released the Flare back in November, many of us hard to rethink what we should be getting in exchange for that kind of cash. Since then, users have been demanding more bang for their buck, and it looks like the local mobile phone company is at it again with the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt.

Yes, the name is a mouthful, and I hate having to say it every time somebody asks me what it’s called. And believe me, I get asked that a lot once they see it’s slim profile and particularly the gorgeous screen. China tablets that sell for the same price are typically much thicker and have screens with resolutions that belong on phones, so it’s also a shocker to them when I tell them that the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt only costs Php3,999. LOLWUT?!

But there’s got to be a kick, right? After all, there’s no way a tablet that looks this good should be priced that low. Well of course there are going to be compromises, so check out our Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt review to see just how much was compromised and if this tablet is worth lining up for once it officially comes out on March 6.

Build Quality and Design


One important thing to get out of the way is if the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt is a rebranded Ainol Novo Venus. IT’S NOT. It’s actually the Ainol Novo Venus Lite. We’ll get to the difference between the two in the chipset section of the review, but the essential thing here is that they both look like a Nexus 7 knock off, particularly because of that textured back.

Back of Fusion Bolt

The layout of the front-facing camera and the way the Cherry Mobile branding was printed on the back indicate that the Fusion Bolt is meant to be held in landscape orientation. This is a bit weird for me, since I would think that most people would want to hold a 7 inch tablet in portrait orientation, but maybe that’s just me. The front is almost completely dominated by the 7 inch IPS display, with the only other detail of note being the VGA front-facing camera.

Ports - Charger, HDMI, microUSB, earphones, microSD slot

Assuming that you’re holding the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt in landscape orientation, you’ll find all of the ports to the right: charger port, 3.5mm headset port, mini HDMI port, micro USB port and micro SD slot.

At the top is the hardware home button, volume rocker and power/lock button. They’re very thin, but the home and power/lock buttons were easy enough to find and press. The volume rocker was a different story, as it was a bit hard for me to figure out if I was pressing volume(+) or volume(-). The left side and bottom of the Fusion Bolt are totally bare.


At the back, you’ll find the 2mp fixed focus camera to the upper left, the large Cherry Mobile branding smack dab in the middle, and the loudspeaker on the lower right. The rear-facing camera could have been placed better since in landscape mode, you’ll find your hand covering that camera most of the time.

I did mention that the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt looks a bit like a Nexus 7 knockoff, but there are some very noticeable differences. For one thing, the Nexus 7 is meant to be held in portrait orientation, and assuming you are holding both of them the same way, you’ll also find that the Nexus 7 has narrower bezels on either side. Those of you who were hoping to be able to fit the Fusion Bolt into a Nexus 7 case should give up right now. The Fusion Bolt is just to wide (or tall, depending on the orientation you’re holding it in).

Design issues aside, the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt has been put together quite solidly, although the plastic does feel a bit cheap. There was no creaking when I pressed down on the edges, nor was there any flex when I pressed down on the center of the back. I did drop my Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt a couple of times, and on the second drop, the screen shifted from the back cover, but I just snapped it back in, no biggie.

The Display: So Good, You Could Frame It

One thing that can really make or break a tablet is its display. After all, it’s the primary means of consuming content on such a device. Thankfully, the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt sports a 7 inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 800. That gives it a pixel density of about 213ppi, which means that even the smallest text will still be readable.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Price, Specs, Features

It isn’t just sharp. Color reproduction and viewing angles are also very good. That’s to be expected from an IPS display, but it’s hard not to gush about how good this screen looks knowing that the whole darn thing only costs Php3,999. Much of my first few hours with the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt was spent looking for a punchy looking wallpaper, and I had a hard time choosing one because all of them looked so good on its display.

One thing I didn’t like was that everything appeared so small. That’s mostly because the DPI has been set to 160, resulting in everything being shrunk down. Thankfully, you can adjust the font size by going into Settings > Accessibility, but most people won’t know how to do that when they first get their Fusion Bolt. It’s also a good thing that the screen is sharp enough for small font to be readable anyway.

The quality of the display on the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt makes it ideal for consuming a wide range of content like ebooks, comics/manga, movies and web articles. It’s become my primary means of reading articles, whereas I used to do that sort of thing on my Titan TV. If you only need one good reason to get the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt, get it for the screen.

The Chipset: Not Quite Buttery Enough | Update: Significant Boost to Benchmarks After Firmware Update

The Fusion Bolt is powered by a quad-core Actions ATM7025 processor clocked at 1GHz paired with the Vivante GC1000 GPU to handle graphics. That’s the same chipset as on the Ainol Novo Venus Lite, whereas the Novo Venus sports the Actions ATM7029, which is clocked at 1.5GHz.

However the number of cores isn’t everything, and the benchmarks prove this. I tested the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt on my favorite benchmarking tools. Antutu and Quadrant test for things like CPU, I/O and graphics performance, while Nenamark 2 and KFS test for Open GL 2.0 performance. Check out the results below.


As you can see, the benchmarks are a bit of a disappointment and not something you would expect from something being billed as a quad-core device. The Actions ATM7025 and Vivante GC1000 is a rather feeble combination, probably more suited to smartphones with lower resolutions and fewer pixels to push rather than on a full-fledged tablet.

CM Fusion Bolt Benchmarks

And it isn’t just in benchmarks. Navigation through the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt’s UI is sluggish. It would seem that the software optimizations in Jelly Bean 4.1 can’t even eek out any buttery smoothness from the weak chipset.

If there’s anything that Cherry Mobile went through great lengths to market about the Fusion Bolt, it’s the quad-core processor. They even went so far as to claim that it was 4x faster on their promo graphics. The chipset’s sluggish performance across various benchmarks and real world usage scenarios would have been fine with me since this is a budget tablet after all, but if you’re going to advertise this as being 4x faster then you better bring it.

Update: Now that we’ve tested the Fusion Bolt with updated firmware, the difference in performance is staggering. I was able to record an Antutu score of more than 10k, while users who tested their own units shortly after purchase reported scores of more than 11k. The boost to the Nenamark 2 score was more modest in comparison, jumping up to 44.9fps from 33.8fps for what should be a noticeable boost to the gaming experience on the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt.

The improvements in benchmark scores translate well to real world performance. Navigating through the UI is no longer a struggle, and while it’s still not quite as buttery as you would expect from a quad core chipset, it’s much more usable with the final release software.

The Software: Jelly Bean for the Masses

Jelly Bean 4.1 has been out for a while now and there are a few phones and tablets out there that run it. However, most budget devices run on ICS 4.0 or lower, meaning everyone who will be lining up to buy the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt on March 6 will probably be experiencing it for the first time. Thankfully, the Fusion Bolt runs on a mostly vanilla version of Jelly Bean 4.1.1, so there shouldn’t be many surprises.


If you’re coming from ICS 4.0 or a lower version of Android, here are some key features you should look out for on the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean:

  • Improved Notification Area – The notification area can be accessed by pressing the small clock in the lower right corner of the screen, just like in ICS 4.0 and Honeycomb 3.0. However, the notifications in Jelly Bean are richer, and in some cases (like Gmail) will display a preview of the app to help you decide if you want to access the app or just dismiss the notification.
  • Intuitively Resizable Widget – Previous versions of Android made it difficult to place widgets just anywhere on your homescreen, but Jelly Bean 4.1 moves everything out of the way when you want to place a widget in a particular area of the homescreen.
  • Offline Voice Typing – ICS 4.0 featured voice typing, but you had to be connected to the internet. Now you can do that on your Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt without being connected over WiFi.
  • Google Now – Sort of like the old Google Search app, except with a little more functionality. Not that useful on a strictly WiFi-only tablet though.

You guys will notice that I didn’t mention Project Butter. While I’m sure the software optimizations are there on the Fusion Bolt, the chipset is just too slow for it to be noticeable.

There are also a few pre-installed apps that have been included on the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt. There are the typical social networking apps that most users would install right away upon buying the Fusion Bolt, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Then there’s the typical bloatware that most users would prefer not to have, such as the Cherry Shop and Kabayan apps which were also found on the Cherry Mobile Titan and Cherry Mobile Flare. Click the City is probably an app that most people would ignore but is a really good establishment finder. Finally, there’s Kingsoft Office, which is a full-fledged Office reader and editor.

I should mention that the Fusion Bolt units Cherry Mobile gave away during the launch event came with a rooted version of Jelly Bean 4.1. During the Q&A portion of that event, it was specifically asked if we were being given release versions of the device, and they said yes. Of course, I doubt that Cherry Mobile or any other manufacturer would sell a rooted device, but hey, if it does, then I’m not complaining.

Update: Surprise, surprise. The final release firmware turns out to be rooted as well. All you have to do to get apps to take advantage is install the Super User app from the Play Store or from some other alternative source.

Imaging: Bare Basics

Taking pictures with your tablet looks awkward at best, but if that’s your thing, then the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt does come with a 2-megapixel rear-facing fixed focus camera for basic stills and a VGA front-facing camera for video calls via services like Skype. The resulting images are hardly what you would call decent, but then, who uses their tablet as their primary camera anyway? There’s no need to get into too much detail here, so just check out the sample images below.

Camera Sample CMFB

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Camera Sample


Connectivity: Mostly Wired

Being a WiFi-only tablet, the only way you’ll be able to access the internet is either through WiFi b/g/n, or a 3G dongle that you would connect to the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt via the USB-OTG cable. That is about the only wireless connectivity option that you get. It should also be noted that not all 3G dongles will work with this. Thankfully, there’s a complete list of supported dongles that you’ll find by going to Settings, looking under the Wireless & Networks category, then pressing More > 3G Support List.

Wi-Fi, Internet, Facebook Browsing

Aside from WiFi, the remaining connectivity options are all wired. Take note that I use the term connectivity very loosely. They’re all just ports. There’s the charger port, 3.5mm headset port, mini HDMI port, micro USB port and micro SD card slot.

The 3.5mm headset port has  the same compatibility issues as I’ve become accustomed to when it comes to Chinese OEMs. If your headset comes with a built-in mic or volume controls, it’s likely they won’t sound right on the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt. Otherwise, they should sound just fine. How to tell the difference? Take a look at the number of segments that your headset jack has. Three segments typically means it won’t work, while 2 segments should work most of the time.

The mini HDMI port can be useful for connecting your tablet to an HDTV. If you want to use the tablet as the control center for your home media player, this could come in handy. However, playing 1080p videos can be a challenge for the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt, which we’ll get to later in the Entertainment section of this review.

The micro USB port should allow you to connect wired peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard. I’m interested in testing a Bluetooth dongle with it, although I doubt it will work since there’s no Bluetooth setting on the Fusion Bolt the way there is with 3G dongles. Unfortunately, I doubt have Bluetooth dongle lying around.

Finally, there’s the micro SD slot, which allows you to expand storage on the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt by up to 32GB. Combined with the built-in 8Gb storage, 5Gb of which is user accessible, that isn’t bad at all.

Entertainment: It All Starts from the Screen

Music, Video - CM Fusion Bolt

There is a gallery and music app that comes preinstalled, and it should be noted that the gallery app can show both images AND videos, eliminating the need for a separate video app. Its functionality is pretty limited as a video player though, so you’ll want to install something like MX Player on your Fusion Bolt to get the most out of your movie-watching experience.

As I said earlier, the 7 inch IPS display lends itself very well to things like reading ebooks, comics and web articles, and this is where I feel the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt really shines. Of course, you’ll still have to install the necessary reader apps to accomplish some of things, but that’s easily done through the Play Store over a WiFi connection.

One cool thing you can do with your Fusion Bolt is use it as a media center of sorts for your home theater. It comes with an HDMI port, which allows it to output video and audio. That way, you can watch movies or play your music library on your home entertainment system rather than on a dinky little screen and speakers.


However, it should be noted that video playback is a bit hampered by the slow chipset. Full HD videos (1080p) would stutter every now and then, while HD videos (720p) fared better and didn’t stutter so much to be bothersome. I’d recommend 480p videos for the smoothest playback without losing too much detail.


After the Update: After updating the firmware, video playback is no longer buggy. Using MXPlayer, I was able to play The Walking Dead Season 2 at 720p without any problems, whereas the pre-release software would struggle even on 480p videos. Some users have also reported playing 1080p videos without any problems, although I don’t see any point to this unless you would use your Fusion Bolt as a media center by outputting via HDMI.

Gaming: Stick to Casual Gaming | Update: Holy Crap! NOVA 3 is Playable!

One look at the screen and one of the first things you’ll want to do with the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt is play a system intensive game. I installed three of my favorite games for testing: Need for Speed Most Wanted, Dead Trigger and Temple Run 2. I was going to install NOVA 3 since it showed up as being compatible in the Play Store, but I already knew that basic UI navigation was a bit sluggish and decided to put that off and see how well it would do against the first three games.

Download Games Fusion Bolt

Temple Run 2 is the most popular game on the Play Store at the moment, so it’s likely to be the first game people would install on their newly bought Fusion Bolt. On medium graphics settings, the game is rendered quite nicely and the rich colors pop out very nicely on the IPS screen. However, the frame rates were already not as fast as I would have liked them to be. Still very playable at this point. After the Update: Gameplay was very smooth on medium graphics settings, although the drop in frame rates became evident when I tried to bump the graphics to the highest setting.

Dead Trigger is a popular first person shooter, and while it isn’t the most taxing game you can install, it’s still a great game to test how well an Android device performs on games that are heavier on the system. Again, frame rates were slow, but the game was largely playable on the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt and didn’t cause it to heat up by much. The only hiccup is that sometimes at the start of the game, the environment isn’t properly rendered, leading to a second or two where everything looks like a mess. After the Update: Gameplay was also quite smooth, despite being graphically more taxing than Temple Run 2. There were still a few environment rendering issues that continued to persist from the pre-release firmware, but as soon as you start moving around, they disappear anyway. Surprisingly, the Fusion Bolt didn’t heat up that quickly.

Games on Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt

Finally, Need for Speed Most Wanted is easily one of the more system taxing games from the Play Store because of the frantic onscreen action. This time, there is a rendering issue where the windshield and the other car windows look cracked rather than smooth and shiny. The game also seems slower than it should be because of the drop in frame rates, but the game is still playable. The unit did heat up quite quickly though. After the Update: Gameplay was also much smoother after updating the firmware, and despite the rendering issue that persisted from the previous firmware, it was now much smoother than before.


Although all the games I tested were playable on the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt, games like Dead Trigger and Need for Speed Most Wanted weren’t as satisfying because the actual gameplay was inhibited by the low frame rates. I didn’t even bother to install NOVA 3 because I knew I probably wouldn’t make even a few steps into the game to capture a decent screenshot. The Fusion Bolt is better suited to casual games like Temple Run 2 and Agent Dash than anything hardcore.


Seeing as the gaming experience of Dead Trigger and Need for Speed Most Wanted on the Fusion Bolt were much better after the update, I then proceeded to install NOVA 3 just as I had intended to, as well as Real Racing 3, which I knew would be better for pushing this tablet to the limits.

Surprisingly, NOVA 3 didn’t just load up, it was also playable. The frame rates might not have been as good as it was with Dead Trigger, but for something that only costs Php4k, it over-performs its price point. The same goes with Real Racing 3. It’s a game that can even make my Optimus G and its top of the line Adreno 320 GPU stutter every now and then, but again, the Fusion Bolt was able to run it with a decent enough frame rate.

Overall, I still wouldn’t recommend the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt as a gaming tablet, even after the update. However, if there’s any game that you’re interested in playing, the Fusion Bolt will likely allow you to play it, though probably not at frame rates that are fast enough to satisfy most hardcore gamers.

Battery Life: 4,000mAh Goes a Long Way

Larger screens suck more battery. It’s just that simple. And since tablets typically have larger screens, the battery life typically isn’t that good even when they’re usually equipped with larger capacity batteries.

However, the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt makes up for it by sporting an even larger battery than you would expect from this price point. Most Chinese-made 7 inch budget tablets like the Haipad A13 are powered by a 3,000mAh battery, but the Fusion Bolt goes one further by sporting a 4,000mAh battery.

I don’t use the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt as often as I do my primary phone, and as a result, it’s typically lasted me about 5-6 hours of total usage. That’s while being constantly connected to WiFi along with occasional browsing, reading comics, and syncing my Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds every hour. I don’t play games a lot, but then, the Fusion Bolt isn’t a gaming device anyway. There were even times when the tablet was on standby for an entire night and when I picked it up the next morning, there was still some juice left in the battery.

So Should You Buy the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt?

It’s not hard to imagine Flare Day happening all over again with tomorrow’s release of the Fusion Bolt. After all, it pairs some decent specs at the exact same price point. Quad-core processor paired with a gorgeous IPS display for just Php3,999? How can you go wrong with that?


The IPS screen is simply the best part of the whole package, and I rediscovered my love for manga as a result. Not only that, but apps like Flipboard that place an emphasis on a magazine-style reading experience are especially beautiful to look at on the Fusion Bolt. I’ve even elected to go without a screen protector because it looks so much better without one.

However, it’s important to note that it isn’t what you would call a balanced device. The IPS display and its HD resolution just don’t pair well with the feeble chipset, resulting in performance that leaves a lot to be desired, even with the major improvements with the final release firmware. Sure, it’s a quad-core processor that they managed to install in it, but one that probably belongs on a budget smartphone with a WVGA screen.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Specs

  • Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
  • 7-inch HD IPS Display, 1280×800 resolution, 216ppi
  • 1GHz quad-core Actions Semiconductor ATM7025 processor
  • Vivante GC1000+ GPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB internal storage
  • expandable up to 32GB via microSD card
  • WiFi
  • 2-megapixel main camera
  • VGA front camera
  • microUSB v2.0
  • miniHDMI slot
  • Super HD 2160p video support
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • 4000mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Price: Php3,999

Despite its shortcomings, I’ve enjoyed my time with the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt, but it’s not something I would recommend to everyone looking to buy a tablet. After all, different people have different needs. If you want to use a tablet as your primary gaming device, then it probably isn’t for you. It will play just about any game that you throw at it, but hardcore 3D games won’t be as smooth as you would want them to be.

However, if you’re looking to buy a tablet as a mobile browsing device and reader, then it’s hard to go wrong with the Fusion Bolt and its 7 inch 1280 x 800 IPS display. Not when tablets in the same price point only sport a basic 1024 x 600 display as best.

Editor’s Note: The Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt used in this review is running on the pre-release firmware from Cherry Mobile. We’ll update this review once we get the update. – Adam

UPDATE: We’re currently reviewing the updated Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt. We’ll update this post after a week.

UPDATE: The review is now updated.

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    I have both versions and really, the only distinguishing characteristic is the casing (dimpled back ala-Nexus 7 on the Chinese version and diamond-patterned back ala-Asus MemoPad on the English/Lite version). I found the diamond-patterned back easier to grip because of the rougher texture. The Novo7 Venus doesn’t really have the same rubber finish as the Nexus 7 even if it looks the same on the surface.

    Both versions suck at games. Quite brilliant for reading manga, though, and I’ve tested both units to work with SanDisk 64GB microSDXC cards formatted as exFAT. Unfortunately, 64GB cards formatted as FAT32 show up as “Damaged”.

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  • babz

    I just bought CM FuBo 2 weeks ago (white) 3,599 lang. I haven’t updated the firmware yet because I’m worried the warranty will be voided.

    Here are the things i noticed:

    1. Touch screen is not too responsive, a slight lag in switching screens, takes 2 seconds to open the app and sometimes doesn’t open at all and it gives you system error.

    I downloaded a launcher thinking it would improve…and for some reason it did! Plus replacing the screen protector with a decent one.

    2. Internal 8g memory read as SD and have tried inserting micro SD from my phone and it doesn’t read the contents of it. It looks like theres a micro SD inside the tab. (Rubbish!)

    3. Battery doesn’t last that long. Battery consumed 50% when I watched a 1hour 720p movie (picture is awesome by the way) from fully charged batt.

    4. Charging the battery took forever to be full. Aprox 7hours of charging while tab is off.

    5. Wifi connectivity is not that strong as my smartphone gets 4 bars while the tab only get 2.

    So far those are the only things I noticed. But what do you expect with a 3k tab! 2MP cam, no micro SD and earphones included and all those things written above is given for this cheap price. But WHAT THE…theres no leather case to fit this thing!! Maybe it will be worth it once i decided to flash the firmware.

    • Dova King

      Good Review.. Keen Observer… Bigyan ng Jacket at DVD…. ( Ikw na nga… ang hinahanap ng Puso…)

  • jd

    Any review for PIPO U1 or U2 and how it is compared to this CM Fusion Bolt?

    • Chad Bee


  • KIMC


  • piichan

    I was planning on getting a cheap tab for my kid but it looks like i might end up buying one for myself as well :) great review :D

    • Dova King

      Well FUBU would be great for your kidz..

  • Hanniel Kidangen

    is this tab available in baguio city?

  • Ding

    I’ve been to Cherry Mobile Stores, they have Fusion Ice but no Fusion Bolt. And, they have no Quad core gadgets that’s less than P4,999. Mr. reviewer, may I ask in what store can I find this model Fusion Bolt? Thanks

  • bought this earlier after a 2 weeks of waiting nagka stock na rin sila. The one that im having problem right now eh hindi sya makapag donwload ng mga apps. Tapos pulos scratch na agad yung screen hindi ko alam kung replacement to from previous buyer eh. Ill be going back to mega to have it returned. The one that I really appreciate eh yung display nya. Superb graphics. I havent tested any games since di pa nga me makapag download. I tried to fully restore to factory default still the same.

  • Prokasio

    I’m planning to buy a CM Fusion Bolt. are they already selling the upgraded Firmware. Any info pls?

    • Chad Bee

      upgraded daw, pero dual core na lng ata, check the specs before buying, dapat binawasan n lng nila resolution, masyadong mataas nhahatak un power ng specs tuloy

  • nell

    guys hindi nka quad core ang fusion bolt.,., dual core lng at hnd ATM7025 ang processor/ ARMV7 rev1 (v7l) lng 2 hayss.,., pero ok aman.,.

  • Franz

    Sir nakita q po sa FUSION BOLT mismo na DUAL CORE lang ito! At hnd sya QUAD – CORE lokohan ba to mga sir?

    • Alvin

      Ganyan din saken… pero pagnagtatanong ako… walang sumasagot ng matino….

    • Dova King

      Ung 2nd wave ng FUBU running on Dual Core nlng.. So Be Carefull Dpat mas mataas sa ganito speed ung FUBU to make it Quadcore CPU Frequency: 1104 MHz (Dual Core)

      • Alvin

        Ganyan nga din yung saken…

  • cleopatrasweed

    how about having my broken screen getting fix? magkano kaya ang cost sa repair for cracked hd screen of fusion bolt? thanks! need help pls!

    • Amparo Arnaiz

      oo nga pano kong broken na san ma kaka bili ng screen nya?

    • Dova King

      Check mo ung Warranty Slip theres a Phone Number There for Assistance..

    • Mr. Gadget Online

      kung niroot mo na o inupdate yng tab mo wla nang gamit ang warranty nyan.. pero kung di mo pa naroot o inupdate ang firmware ehh pwede mong papalitan sa cm costumer center..

  • Peter L

    I did the ainol update 4.2.2 but my fusion bolt is still slow with a nenamark2 score of 33.3fps.

    • Mr. Gadget Online

      haaayzz magbasa ka ng articles tungkol sa cm bolt update,, cnabi ngang 0328 muna ang gamitin kc ang 4.2.2 beta pa.. 0328 muna ang gamitin at hintayin ang labas ng final 4.2.2..!! update mo ulit yan..

  • melda

    Sira agad any can…8days pa Lang… lag I nag hahang— Anu pede again?

    • Dova King

      Reset mo po.. Not All Apps are ok for this Tab..

      • jexyboi

        oo nga tama ka dova king

  • Alvin

    Bakit Ganun malayong malayo sa Specs ng binili ko last saturday? eto po specs ng Fusion Bolt ko..

    Android version: 4.1.1
    CPU Frequency: 1104 MHz (Dual Core)
    CPU Model: ARMv7 processor rev 1 (v71)
    Screen Resolution: 1280 x 752
    Pixel Density: 160 Dpi

    • bloodharvesting

      same here tunge lang yang ex task manager na yan mag install ka ng cpu monitor makikita mo dun na 4 core ang nag rarun. =]

      • Alvin Dalida

        Eh Bakit yung CPU processor sabi A9 pero iba naman yung lumalabas ????

        • Mr. Gadget Online

          haha,, atm7025 is a5 lng po.. hindi naman cguro sa nandaya bka nagkamali po ang cm sa pagbigay ng details about sa tab nila.. atm7025 = a5 lng po… :)

          • jexyboi

            namemeke lang talaha hahha

  • Alvin

    Ehh gago pala tong CHERRY MOBILE na to… lalabas labas ng product nila hindi naman pala nasusunod kung ano yung pina-flag nila sa advertisement nila.. Quad Core daw… Tae DUAL CORE lang pala…

    • Dova King

      Na Uto ka Dre… Reklamo mo.. Hahaha Cnu me Kasalanan? haha

    • Chad Bee

      taas kasi ng resolution ng screen, kaya parang dual core na lng ang quaad core nya

  • bat ung nabili kong CM Fusion Bolt ang internal memory lng ay 1gb…pati made in china b tlga ang CM??help nmn po
    thank…. :)

    • Dova King

      The Cover are made in china.. and dont worry.. Muka ka dn aman Chinese.. Pease Dre..

  • sir magkano na po ba ngaun ung CM supreme? pls answer

  • Amparo Arnaiz

    where and how much po ba ang screen ng fusion bolt pag broken na please need help po san me makakabili…at mag kano ok pa naman ang LCD my power pa at nag charge pa yung screen lang talaga tulong naman

  • Amparo Arnaiz

    sino po may alam san na kakabili ng newscreen ng fusion bolt salamat po

    • Dova King

      Look for the Warranty Slip that came with it.. thers a number there that you can call for assistance..

  • bubbles

    may phone features ba tong fusion bolt?

    • Dova King

      Use GMATE for Phone Features for the TAB it works like HE#$

  • bharoy

    pano magamit b/g/n? anong kailangan?

  • bear

    yung c.m. fusionbolt ko cannot connect to the camera,. anyone can help me?. ty.

    • go to the CM service center. one year warranty sila, i have encountered same problem, my unit was replaced…

  • bok

    I just bought one. How do I know if I need to update the bios?

  • charm rivera


    paano mag-install ng games sa CM FuBo,?

    naglagay kasi ako ng games sa
    Micro SD Card kaso ‘di binabasa ;c

    • grimnurse888

      first of all the game should be on APK format and maybe downloading from google play is much better

  • nini

    I got one and I’m using it now, its nice :-) may 8 gig internal memory . Nakakapagdownload ako khit walang memory card . :)

  • hi ask ko lang… when you guys are downloading apps is it really taking some time? I have an omega HD and hindi sya ganun kabagal mag donwload from play store. Tsaka when the screen is off yung wifi connectivity nawawala. Will appreciate sa mag comment thanks

    • teng

      go to the wifi settings. then advanced. and put keep on wifi on during sleep

  • glyza

    kakabili ko lang din ng ganito. kaso nababagalan ako sa kanya.. mas mabilis pa yung phone ko na galaxy y. hindi kaya deffective naibigay sa akin..?

    • yes ! its slow but not as slow as the tablet in tiangges :)



    • if you use FB with gaming it , it will last half day or more it depends to your needs :)

      • RIZZA

        games lng nman ginagawa ko pero mabilis talaga malowbat 5hrs lng ata. Balak ko sanang papalitan kaya lng sumalin yung kulay nung bnili kong protector sa likod ng tablet. Mapapalitan pa kaya yun?

    • Mr. Gadget Online

      depende may iba madali lng malowbat pero ang pinakamatagal is 7-9hrs. lng ata.. 4000mah lng ehh tpos tablet pa..

  • sa mga naghahanap ng leather case perfectly for fusion bolt… meron ako, txt me at 09199816115

    • yz

      How much po? tsaka panoko po mabibili?

  • Mark Joseph Cruz

    Pano po iroot tong CM Fusion Bolt nato?Kc bumili ung kapatid ko mabagal.Khit sa temple run 2 lng hindi sya ganun ka smooth,compare sa flare ko.
    Ung sa playstore po bang superuser pag nainstall un rooted na tlga?

    • Kamote

      update to ainol novo 7 4.1.1 0428 na firmware para mwala na yang lag at hang, rooted na sa fubo di na kailangan iroot, magugulat ka sa bilis ng temple 2 run.

      • Kuya turuan no ng a ako paano mag update. . Do ko kasi masyado gets eh

  • yz

    I’m planning to buy FuBo for my 1 year baby. Balak ko din gamitin yun especially sa byahe just to watch movies… may nabasa akong mga comments from other blogs na yung ibang fuBo hindi talaga fuBo. need ko lang sana ng help kung anong dapat ko icheck while buying the gadget? how to see the specs on the device? how to check the display; kung walang dead pixel or kung walang patay na kulay. Yung hindi ako maloloko ni saleslady/salesboy.

  • I got it last 3 weeks and it works perfectly :) on the first week i got a problem all application were stopped or crashed . now I solved that :) Go to the playstore and download task killer for all people experiencing that prob :)) hahah i love it :)

  • ian

    Paano po malalaman na dual core lng siya? Tsaka saan po mag uupdate ng firmware? Thanks po =)

    • richie41

      Pumunta ka sa file explorer.. nakita ko dun sa about phone ng fubo, nsa system niya.. nchambahan ko nga mkita kc aNg hirap hnapin ng file mnager nito.. prAng tinago yta ng sadya prA di mbuking na dualcore lng yung fubo.. hehe.. 1.3 dualcore nkita ko.. na screenshot kpa nga kng pwede lng mag attach ng pic dito..ipapakita ko,prA may ibidencya .. haayZzzzzz >_<

  • Guest

    Balak ko sanang papalitan kaya lng sumalin/lumalin yung kulay nung bnili kong protector sa likod ng tablet(white yung tablet ko e,naghahang kasi yung tablet tas ayaw naman ma-off kaya umiinit ng todo kya ata nahawa ng kulay). Mapapalitan pa kaya yun?


    Balak ko sanang papalitan yung nabili kong tablet kaya lng sumalin/lumalin yung kulay nung bnili
    kong protector sa likod ng tablet(white yung tablet ko e,naghahang kasi
    yung tablet tas ayaw naman ma-off kaya umiinit ng todo kya ata nahawa
    ng kulay). Mapapalitan pa kaya yun?

  • Juvenal

    im planning to buy this tommorow

  • emway

    bought this one last night, a bit disappointed though, the internal storage is really 8GB, only 5.5xxGB

    • dawdaw

      There is nothing wrong with it my friend, talagang 8gb ang hardrive ng fusion bolt pero hindi pa dyan kasali ang operating system and other apps which needs to be installed before you even bought it. once na install yung operating system at other apps na kasama sa tablet bago paman binili yung tab talagang hindi na magiging 8gb yan kasi mag te take up ng space yun sa hardrive. All tablets from apple to Haipad ay ganyan.

      • winner

        correct!!! ambobo ni emway!!!

        • Boyax

          hahaha…. naninira lng un kasi d nya gusto yong brand….

  • emway

    *** not really 8GB

    • jexyboi

      true story

    • Meow

      Malamang sir! Ung computer mo ba kapag 500GB ung hard drive eh magagamit mo rin ung 500GB? saan sa tingin mo nakalagay ung operating system at other system apps like file manager, music player at marami pang iba :)

      • roan

        HAHAHAHA natawa ako ahh

  • yz

    Kakabili ko lang ng fubo kahapon and my 1year old baby is happy about it. Although i need a leather jacket for it, para kz sa ibang tablet ang nabili ko…

  • jexyboy

    paano ba gumamit ng dongle stick para dito help please!!!

    • grimnurse888

      You need to buy a OTG USB for the FUBU for a USB IN- Connection

  • Cherryusedissatisfied

    Binalik ko na sa service center ung unit ko bought last march 6 which i have used only for 2 days. It cannot detect wifi. 2 to to 3 wks pa na wait, hardware problem raw. Halos ng nakita ko na binabalik fusion bolt product ng CM.

    • JMBalicano

      Why did you bring it to the service center right away? There’s a return period of 7-15 days, depending on where you bought it.

  • #18-jp

    may blutooth ba c fubo

    • grimnurse888

      Wala po… Dongle doesnt work either

      • Sherwin Cotas Dicot

        hala..pano kaya magagamit ang blutooth nitong FuBo?

  • bear

    nabasag ng anak ko yung screen,. magkano kaya babayaran ko sa service center for replacement ng screen?. anyone?. tenks!.

    • plakets

      1050 glass touch screen + 550 on labor so 1605 yung total. I had my daughter’s just recently. Yun lang almost 2 moths inabot yung service. Also, Cherry Mobile’s customer service is so bad. They won’t even update you. Nung una sabi nila 2 weeks lang daw and they will inform me, Then after two weeks, wala silang tawag so ako na nag follow up, Ayun another 2 weeks pa daw. Then again, walang update so tawag na naman ako. In short 1 month & 3 weeks yung duration. Dahil inaraw-araw ko sila.

      • Ker

        I think all service centers are like that… don’t know if it has to do with pinoy mentality…

      • rose revilla

        ayaw ko eh degrade mga pinoy tech pero seriously d lng ikw naka ranas nyan. ung laptop namin sabi nila mga 2-3weeks lng daw tas ayun umabot ng 2 months ok lng naman kung 2months pero ang pinaka ayaw ko sa ginawa nila pinalitan nila charger ko ksi nung pina ayus ko need daw may charger din ask ko nga bakit sabi nila sama daw sa warranty para isa na and ung battery kasi pag on ko na gamit lng ung battery ngayun may warning na na d na genuine ung battery eh d namn ganito ito noon iwan ko nlng kung anu pa kinuha and pinalitan nila d2 sa laptop ko iwan ko nlng sa mga pinoy tech natin kaya hindi umaansinso pilipino.

  • grimnurse888

    Sir Continues Wifi Connectivity steal a very large amount of power from the battery.. so better close the wifi connection first… its pretty normal for wifi connection to eat up a lot of battery

  • pau

    ayaw magdetedt ng wifi ng akin kya binalik ko tapos pinalitan nila ayaw pa din ng wifi

    • Boyax

      baka yong connection mo ang may problema bro hdi ung unit kasi i hav CM FuBo ok naman kahit nga sa SM free wifi madaming nagco-connect don mabagal nga lng kasi madami nga gumagamit….

  • papi

    pano po ba gamitin yung rear camera when taking shots? palagi kasing naka front camera. :|

  • Chuck

    nagloloko ba dapat ung tab while charging? Like when inputing or something?

    • JMBalicano

      Yeah, it causes something called phantom touches. Some phones/tablets and their chargers have that problem. It’s usually remedied by using a higher quality charger.

  • Jen

    pls help. how does one know that the fbolt one is buying is the updated one? thanks?

    • jonjoker

      can anyone answer this…

  • Son

    Pag Ako bumili nito ichecheck kong mabuti, puro negative comments ang nababasa ko kasi dito. Sayang naman kasi mabilis na mura pa

    • Boyax

      tama ka don bro mabilis na mura pa, kaya kong ako sayo h’wag kang magbase 100% sa mga comment ng blogs kasi mayron iba dyan kahit dpa nakabili ng unit kong anu-ano na sinabi ‘coz d nla type yong brand, kong mayron man nakabili na deffective yong unit sauli mo agad mayrong warranty naman yon eh then explore it on ur own yong blogs parang guide mo lng yon…. okies!!!!

      • Sherwin Cotas Dicot

        isa pa, puro problema kinokoment dito ^_^ para humingi ng tulong. kasi kung ok naman ung FuBo mo, mag kokoment ka pa ba? or titingin ka pa ba sa ganitong forum? d ba?

  • Lesllie Ann Sumiran

    Hello po ask ko lang if matibay, soft touch and matagal ma low batt. ang CHERRY MOBILE FUSION BOLT, ang mura kasi… Php 3,999. Please help me to decide if I will buy this or not. Thanks

    • james

      matagal malowbat yan kasi 4000mah ang battery nya….. mga 1 day malowbat yan pag palagi mong ginagamit (gaming, surfing) na walang tigil… pro kung moderate use lag…. mg 2 to 3 days bgo malowbat yan….

      • Lesllie Ann Sumiran

        ganun po, thanks sa reply this Sat or Sunday na ako bili ng CM fusion bolt, sana worth it un pera ko, thanks! = )

  • gmail

    for ME ok lng ung CM Fusion Bolt kasi sa ganito ka murang gadget hanip na ang specs compared to other brand (pinoy brand), kaya lng sana sa upcoming tablets ng CM mayron ng specs na ganito:

    Dual SIM / Dual Standby
    7-inch capacitive display
    2GHz quad-core processor
    Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
    2GB of RAM
    16GB of internal storage
    microSD support up to 32GB
    8MP autofocus camera with double LED flash
    2MP front-facing camera
    Call & Text features
    Mobile TV / FM Radio
    GPS with A-GPS support
    WiFi / Bluetooth / WiFi Hotspot / 3G

    pwede ba ‘to? kahit cguro 7k or 10k bbli pa ako pag ganito, hehehe…. POP na POP!!!!! ;)

    • Tebats

      nangarap pa si pogi eh konte lang naman pala budget haysst..

      • Boyax

        bakit bibili kaba ng mahal eh pinoy made naman….

    • Deejay1


  • susay

    May Bluetooth po ba talaga ito? Bakit yung nabili ko kasi kahapon, meron :|

    • Alvin Lajom Ramos

      meron po bang bluetooth?anu po ba talaga??

      • Boyax

        wala po i2ng bluetooth, just buy mini bluetooth dongle usb 2.0 to work it….

  • Alvin Lajom Ramos

    mga sir may bluetooth po ba ito o wala?pwedeng may bluetooth hardware pero wala sa software?

    • Kira Yamato

      Wala po..

      • Deejay1

        Pero pwede po lagyan ng bluetooth yan? :3



    • Kira Yamato

      Ung Antutu po is the Current Running Speed and specs of the FUBU but if you know how to flash the firm ware to Ainol it’ll show you the real thing.. The Fubu Really Runs on Quadcore and its fast the only downside is that the Firmware and Android OS is really Crappy but when i flashed Mine everything is working great

  • omsky

    mga gurus, need help po, kakuha ko lang po bnew FUBO my kids used it for a day till ma fully drain yung battery, kaso after overnight charge ayaw pa rin mag on yung unit? any ideas po before bringing it back to CM outlet? tia

    • vee

      wag nyo po idrain yung battery ng mga ganitong gadgets. better charge it kapag 30% na yung battery.

    • Kira Yamato

      Correction po.. its ok to drain out any Units like Laptop etc. Eto po ung trick jan.. Hold Down mo po ung Power Button for about 5 to 6 sec and it’ll turn on thats normal

  • snow

    guys san pde mapa ayos charger ne2?

  • iphonelover

    i think to buy CM for my son but i read all negative comments, its like wasting money…

    • Boyax

      wasting money? i dont think so bro kasi in php 4K mayron kanang ganong specs like sa CM Fusion Bolt…. for me POP sa akin ung CM Fusion Bolt kong sa gaming lng at browsing kahit nga downloading ok parin pro kong gusto mo talaga ng high-in gadgets at maganda talaga eh don ka nlng sa iphone 5 mahal nga lng….

      • Kigwa

        Try to read this “BIGGEST ISSUE” ang daling mabasag yung screen nya, kahit sa mga groups yun mababasa mo palagi basag ung screen.

    • Kira Yamato

      Amm.. Actually for a Quadcore Budget its Great.. Regarding the Forums wala kse formal FORUM page for FUBU na for Complaints and Troubleshooting and stuff kya ng halo na lahat d2.. hehe.. But trust me Its a Great Deal..

  • muhnie

    Sir tlgang quadcore yn..kso in sleepmode ung 2 cores pg nd gnagamit ng system..kaya 2cores lng nkalagay..kapag n stress out n ung 2 cores sa instruction ng ram dun gigising ung 2 sleeping cores kaya mgqquadcore na cla….try mo DL ng kernel tuner sa fubo tignan mo kng 2 cores or 4 cores at try mo rin e install sa ibng tab n 2 cores tignan mo kng 2 cores tlga cla…

    • Kira Yamato

      Try rooting the firmware to Ainol and you’ll see the difference between the CORES.. Mine was rooted and its working FASTER or let say Three times FASTER and the issues with detail rendering sa mga games ALL WAS RESOLVED…

  • Lesllie Ann Sumiran

    kakainis nmn bigla nlng nag hang FuBo ko wala pa nga laman kakabila ko lang ng May 29, 2013 tapos nun May 31, 2013 bigla naging blurred ung screen kaya dinala ko sa SM Masinag to change the unit tapos kuha daw muna ako ng TECHNICAL REPORT sa SM NORTH, gumastos pa ako for pamasahe from MASINAG TO SM NORTH June 1, 2013 ng gabi pinalitan nila uli ng FuBo at ngaun June 2, 2013 bigla namang nag hang, hindi na ma touch ang screen at ma charge!! super inis na ako dahil hindi na pede replace ang unit!!!

    • Kira Yamato

      Oh No.. I think it will be best to bring it over to the Cherry Mobile Depot Repair Center and there is a placement policy lage and mga retailer they should replace the FUBU or pwede mo sila kasuhan..

    • Kamote

      ask someone to flash update it to Ainol Novo 7 Venus 4.1.1 0328 firmware, tapos poblema mo sa hang na yan.

  • Kira Yamato

    Hi.. Did some of you guys have tried using a USB Internet Dongle Like SmartBro or Globe Tatto.. I tried using Globe tatto and its asking for a password.. Anyone Know What The Problem Is?

  • mariz

    have u ever tried connecting it with a 3g dongle? using otg…it doesnt connect…ive tried eerything to connect it….pls help…i have a sun broadband…and ung 3g support list…wala nmn atang telecom na ngpprovide ng said models…..meron b nun sa globe?smart?

    • bunkey

      di po sya pede sa sun d compatible.globe pwede try to look at the settings nkalagay dun kung anu mga compatible

    • GrimKira

      about sa compatibility.. ung mga unang release na USB dongle ng Globe at Smart lng pede ung mga bagong USB Dongle wala tlga sa list..

    • basha

      they said gloobe tattoo broadband works.

  • spartacus

    ask ko lng po pwede ba sa Cherry Mobile FUBO ung Adobe Reader nakakabasa ba sya? pls i need answer before buying…salamat po…

    • Robin

      oo nman.. pwdng pwd.. ang mga tablet n gn2 nkakaread ng mga e-books (.pdf format, eto un format n bnabasa ng Adobe reader/Acrobat). Pwd k rin mg downlod sa google play ng Apps n pan read ng e-books/e-magazine (pdf format, e-pub format atbp.)

  • Jeffrey Baltazar

    pag mag update pa ng firmware kaylangan rooted ba anf device?

    • kamote

      rooted na ang cherry fusion na stock rom, update mo na diretso

  • Katarina

    Hi. Im thinking of getting this as an ebook and pdf reader. Is iBook compatible with this device?

    • GrimKira

      Yes.. and not only for iBook xa maganda.. also for Video playing cause it can play high def videos up to 2080p

  • DAH


    • kamote

      oras na para isoli sa cherry mobile service center. defect na yan ng unit.

    • Kigwa

      Papalitan na yan ng Camera Module sira na yun.

  • OHNO

    Help help help pls!? .
    ung Fubo ko po ayaw nang mag Start.. ni charge ko na po pero logo ng’Fusion Bolt’ lang ang lumabas sa Screen magdamag. Ano po nangyari sa sa Fubo ko?

    • kamote

      kailangan mo na atang isoli yan sa binilhan mo. para sigurado

      • lawrence

        mga frends na unistall koh ung play store koh pnu koh liit mababalik un naghanap nah koh sah internet wla meh makita pls help meh

    • GrimKira

      No Boot po tawag jan.. its either return mo nlng po sa retailer or flashing it.. but its much better returning it kse my return policy lage mga gadgets…

    • ana marie

      akin dn pag chinacharge ko na hndi namn nagana ang charger

  • mart baquereza

    kakabili ko lng kahapon tong fubo tas ayaw na gumana, naghang na!!!!!!!!!!! buwiseeeeeeeettttt!!!!

    • kamote

      madali lang yan iflash mo to ainol novo 7 venus 4.1.1 0428 na firmware. tapos poblema mo sa hang na yan

    • GrimKira

      Well ung Fubu mo po lumang version ung firmware and believe me hindi mo maeenjoy ung mga 3d games.. but like the other guy said Flash mo ung Firmware to Ainol 0428 version and its awsomeness will show.. been there done that and trust me its worth it..

  • Fusion Bolt

    How do you insert the SD card?
    Because it looks like when you insert the SD card you will not be able to remove it later on?

    • kamote

      insert mo facing down, pipitik naman yan pag tama, para tanggalin just press din pipitik din yan palabas.

  • Motolite

    Bought my FuBo 2 weeks ago; using it as Ebook, Pdf reader and internet browsing via wifi. No issues so far. :)

    its only 4K not expect too much. BTW, the display is awesome, worth the penny :)

    • kamote

      so true, its perfect for reading and internet pati movie thanks to its IPS Display, 1280×800 resolution, 216ppi which is really crisp and clear

      • Kigwa

        make sure you don’t drop it :) it’s very very very fragile.

      • GrimKira

        Lahat nmn ng tablet fragile.. and good thing is i was playing a DVD 2080p and its rendering was superve No Issues specially when i flashed the Fubu to Ainol 423 version.. WaW..

  • CM

    basta OK ang FuBo! end. hehe

  • charles

    tanong ko lng po pwede po ba gumamit ng broadband sa FUBO?

    • kamote

      pwede bili ka muna ng otg cable sa cdr king. 90 pesos lang yan. pagsaksak mo automatic magdadial yan.

    • west eyes

      hindi lahat ng usb stick pwede. You need to check settings for supported models.

  • charles

    tanong ko lng po. pag bibili ako nyan ngaun updated na po ba ang latest firmware? tapos rooted na po bah? ang kanilang new product.

    • westeyes

      pre-rooted na po cya. But I suggest you to flash the fw to 428 for better performance.

  • Dan

    Meron na po bang nagflash dito ng official FW ng Ainol Novo Venus? Yung 4.2.

    • Kigwa

      Meron sa youtube, open ka ng youtube tapos lagay mo to sa huli /watch?v=3vBUiSco4CY

    • GrimKira

      Na try q na ung 4.2 for AINOL medyo buggy pa din xa pag dating ng HDMI video output so i change it back to 4.1 kse my fix xa sa HDMI bug and about playing games its much faster and no issues with 3d rendering sa 4.1.1 ng Ainol Novo Venus… So its much better tlga for 4.1.1

  • Bianca

    Ok po ba to for ebooks?

    • Kigwa

      Yes good for ebooks, using Moon Reader+

  • Siegmond

    ask ko lang po bakit nde mo mabasa ng comp. ung FuBo ko?! tapos wala not working din ung Bluetooth..

    • Kigwa

      Malaman flashed mo yan with other firmware, and FUBO doesn’t have a bluetooth feature.

  • jhong

    ano po mas maganda yung fubo po ba o yung samsung tab korean version?

    • Perpekto


  • ermin

    I try to charge the fusion bolt by cherry mobile simultaneously typing or browsing,,,its seems to have a problem on its responsiveness

    • Gian C.

      Sa pagkaka-alam ko, nangyayari yan kasi hindi sufficient ang power supply.

  • Fitz Gerald Bedoya

    pa help po mga sir… saan po tayo mkabili ng LCD screen ng FUBO? magkano po? meron po ba sa Cagayan de Oro?

  • YAN


    • Ingatingat pag may time

      Bulok yata po nakuha nyong unit malas nyo aking nga eh 4 months na fubo ko superb na superb and dinidisguise ko pa sya minsan akala tuloy nexus 7 ang ganda kaya

    • Name

      Ganun talaga pag mura. Accept the truth.

  • Meryl Chiong Tan

    Pwede ba ang Zinio dito? Gusto ko po kasi mag subscribe ng magazines dito…

  • yan

    USB OTG capable po ba?



  • jphoooh

    bakit namimili ng internet connection tong akin… pag sa bahay ayaw pero gumagana nmn ung wifi s cp at laptop ganun dn s skul.. peor pagsakay q ng bus ok nmn n pati sa mall gumana dn yung wifi.. panu po pwdeng gawin???

    • aaaa

      ang mga android ganyan talaga .. dapat ang security type mo is WEP kahit apple ganyan din minsan hirap mag connect dahil dun nga pag WPA – WPA2 yari ka dyan lalo na pag mabagal connection mahihirapan ka maka connect ka man hirap ka din sa loading

  • Mojie

    which storage do you use when installing your apps? Tablet memory? Internal SDcard? or the removable SDcard?

  • Paulo

    Pwede po kayo gumawa ng video review para sa Updated Ainol Novo 7 Venus Firmware sa CM Fusion Bolt?? :) Gusto ko po kasi makita kung gaano kalaki ang difference ng sa Stock Firmware ng CM sa Ainol Firmware. Please. Salamat HAHAHA :)) Wala po kasi akong makita sa YT eh.

  • kmel

    Can someone help me coz I really don’t know how to turn on Bluetooth on cherry mobile tablet?

    • Gian C.

      Sa pagkaka-alam ko po, wala pong Bluetooth ang CM Fusion Bolt.

  • REN

    QUESTION : nag crack po screen ng FUSION BOLT ko, but it still displays perfectly, only that it has that cracked screen. mapapaayos ko po ba ito sa cherry mobile’s branches?

    • Jubong

      Nkabili ako s LRT baclaran mall ng fusion bolt touch screen piece for as low as 300 dun sa mga bilihan ng cellphone accessories 2nd flr. Then pinakabit ko na lng s technician malapit dun 250 todo tawad.

      • Stepshock

        Saan sa LRT Baclaran Mall pre? Nasira din kasi yung touchscreen piece ng FuBo ko eh.

        • Jubong

          Pasok k lang sa s mall 2nd flr, madadaanan mo jolibee. marami nagtitinda ng mga phone cases & housing dun. s bandang dulo na corner meron tinadahan ng touch screen & LCD. pagtanong mo lng alam n nila yun.

  • REN

    QUESTION : nag crack po screen ng FUSION BOLT ko, but it still displays perfectly, only that it has that cracked screen. mapapaayos ko po ba ito sa cherry mobile’s branches??

  • REN

    QUESTION : nag crack po screen ng FUSION BOLT ko, but it still displays perfectly, only that it has that cracked screen. mapapaayos ko po ba ito sa cherry mobile’s branches???

  • REN

    QUESTION : nag crack po screen ng FUSION BOLT ko, but it still displays perfectly, only that it has that cracked screen. mapapaayos ko po ba ito sa cherry mobile’s branches????

  • REN

    QUESTION : nag crack po screen ng FUSION BOLT ko, but it still displays perfectly, only that it has that cracked screen. mapapaayos ko po ba ito sa cherry mobile’s branches?????

    • Angelo B.

      You can have it repaired on any Cherry Mobile authorized service center but you really have to wait for a long time. If you’re into tinkering your devices, I suggest that you do the touchscreen repair all by yourself…or have it repaired by a relative or a friend so that you can save lots of money. My mom broke her Fusion Bolt last week and I repaired it thanks to a seller in Taguig who sells the Touch Panel for Fusion Bolt. I bought the part for just Php. 900.

      If you were to repair it yourself, be very careful! I just got some cut in my finger while repairing my mom’s Fusion Bolt because the glass in the broken Touch Panel shattered. Also, take extra care while removing the LCD screen and removing and attaching the ribbon cables.

      If you’re interested in buying the touch panel part for Fusion Bolt just contact “Arnel M. Mercado” at 09277895521. He’s a trusted seller and he has build a good reputation from those people who seek to buy replacement parts for Fusion Bolt like me. He’ll tell you the payment instructions about the purchase. I got mine delivered in my house within 24 hours.

      Goodluck out there!

      • kmscastaneda

        Hi,Angelo! May I ask how long it would take and how much would it cost me if I will have my CM FB repaired at a CM Branch (screen broke after a nasty fall but it did not turn off. Only, the screen isn’t responding to touch). Nearest CM branch is in Baguio, one hour drive from here. If I have to pay P900 for the screen ordered in Taguig (plus delivery fee), baka mas mura if sa CM na lang? ..really appreciate your informative comment. Thanks! :)

  • balbon

    ask ko lng po sa mga owner ng bolt, kmsta po ang battery life?

    • Samharvin Laxamana

      SIRA NA 1 month lang wala na…!!!!

      • Nailz Nis

        ask lng po lagi mo ba sya inoover charge? kasi 2 months old na fubo ko pero ok naman batt nya pero dali na uminit pag nag charge sabi ng kaibigan ko baka kasi lagi ko na oovercharge which is true kasi gabi na ko nagcharge sa tab ko tas na chacharge ko ng mga 7-8 hours minsan. umiinit din ba ung fubo mo pag nag charge?

  • nikita

    hi po, im just wondering, if other people are having issues with fusion bolt when connecting it via USB.. seems like wala syang driver, hindi marecognize ng khit anung computer meron d2 s min.. or maybe it’s because, we are using 64-bit systems?

    • jomary

      already experienced that but , try to install it on your computer :)

    • Samharvin Laxamana

      bakit sakin wala naman PROBLEM na ganyan..!!!!

  • rizze

    ask lang ako kung pwd pa bang mapalitan ng battery ang fusion bolt dahil 15 min lang diischarged na kaagad ang battery. 4 months old pa lang ito.

    • Advicer

      oo pwd yan motolite gamitin mo para tumagal ng husto gawan mo ng parang bag para madala mo sa likod mo.

    • trocas

      try hard reset….

  • lawrence

    mga frends na unistall ko ung play store koh pnu koh mababalik un eh wla meh makita nah installer ng play store

  • Gerald

    Saan poh ba my available na Touchscreen pra sa FuBo? Naupoan q poh kc yung akin eh! Help pls. .

    • Samharvin Laxamana

      TAPON mo na yan…!!!!!

      • anon

        tapon mo mukha mo, walang silbe comments mo.. pakamatay ka na..

        @topic, sa baclaran may nagbbenta at nagrerepair ng sirang touchpanel/digitizer

    • joren

      boss may alam akong lugar na pwede. sa Makati cinema square (don chino
      roces ave. pasong tamo, makati city) ko pinaayos yung sa akin. magtanong
      tanong ka lang
      dun at sure akong may mahahanap ka. 600 pesos lang ginastos ko kasi
      kakilala ko yung nag aayos. okay naman yung screen nya nung napalitan pero mapapansin
      mong hindi sya yung original na screen ng FuBo pero worth it pa rin kasi
      hindi naman naapektuhan yung quality nya at hd pa rin. mas okay yun kaysa
      gumasta ka pa ng isang libo not to mention yung pamasahe mo pa papunta at pauwi.

  • iamjen88

    Question.. My FuBo was 4 days old palang. Brandnew ko siya nabili. Nagka problem na siya kagabi hindi na mai-charge it says it was charging pero it’s not. Then ngayon it’s totally drained, i was trying to charge it pero wala na, tried charging it also using usb via pc then may display na charging pero saglit lang nawala din. i lost my receipt but got the warranty card ok lang kaya yun? please help! :(

    • xerxes

      icharge mo siang nakaswitch on sigurado mag charge yan

      • trocas

        try mo hard reset ganyan din fubo ko after reset then everything is ok

        • Cris

          Anong po yung hard reset. Ganyan din po nangyari sa akin. Pano po naayos?

  • Ralph

    Gamit kong Firmware is 5.23 smoot na smooth tapos swap ko pa memory card as sd Card dead trigger smooth!! minions and other games !!! walang problem sa camera wifi and other accessoriess!! sulit eto!!! for 4k!! compared to other brands!!

  • JL De Guia

    i’ve just bought one.. no bluetooth..

    • kurotako tomatakbo

      Others tablets at wala talagang bluetooth….I think lahat Yata ng tablet pati nga sung iPad wala din

    • anon

      tingin tingin din ng full specs bago bumile..


  • anthony D. Calayag

    Hi po, bakit di po nagana yung camera ng fusion bolt ko at nalabas nalamang ay ‘can’t connect to camera’. Ano po kaya ang maaari Kong gawin

  • Kirby Nikko S. Rosero

    bkt ganun sakin ayaw gumana ng samurai revenge 2??

    • Samharvin Laxamana

      may VIRUS siguro yung TABLET mo…!!!!!!
      kaya ayaw gumana..!!!!!

      • gamerq

        ikaw ang may virus hahaha

  • neojoy02

    Kuya bago po ako bumili ng FuBo binasa ko po muna etong review po ninyo, pati na rin mga comments po dito. Nagdalawang isip po ako kung bibili po ako dahil sa mga comments na nabasa ko pero dahil kailangan ko po, bumili na rin ako. So far po hindi ako nagsisisi na bumili ako ng FuBo kasi nae-enjoy ko po yung mga functions na hinahanap ko sa device (reading, watching, surfing the net, price friendly!). Kung sana lang po ay may maiibigay po kayong advice sa kin patungkol sa keyboard (keyboard dock preferably) na pwede kong i-partner para po sa FuBo, buong-buo na ang magiging satisfaction ko para sa device na ito. Thanks po. :-)

  • May

    paano po ggana ang camera ng fubo? cannot connect to camera and camera error ang lumalabas? kindly help me guys.. please!!!

  • Antonio Balmaceda

    Gud eve poh sah lahat.tanong koh LNG poh bkit gnon tung fubo koh cannot connect to camera.ano poh ang pwde Kong gwin.ngawa koh nah pong ireset tung tablet koh pro gnun prin.plzzz help us nah mrng gntong prob.salamat godbless

    • anthoin de monnio

      ng akin dn at hndi narn siya nag chaharge

  • pert

    ngkaka rendering issues ung bagong mga labas na fubo, mwwla kya un pag fnlash ko ung ainol novo 7 firmware?

  • richie41

    Tama ka pre.. exited pa nman ako bumili ng fubo dati,kasi nga nkakabilib sa prize n 3,999 ay quadcore na daw… dyos q, nung ngamit ko na, ang bgal magdownload, slowmo kumilos ung games sa nba 2k13 ko, ska sa ung sa temple run ko, napilay ata yung tumatakbo kasi prang naging kengkoy takbo.. tapos may nababasa pa ako nagcocoment na kya dualcore lang nkikita sa system kasi natutulog daw yung dlwa pang core, ..hahaha ntawa nga aq.. my gnun tlga explanation.. ska ang pangit pa sa fubo, pag nagdodowload ka,at nag sleep mode ung fubo, hihinto ndin yung download niya… pngit.. kya plA mura… kAsi mapapamura ktlaga.. di ako naninira sa mga gusto pang bmli, charge it to experience nlng.. mAs ok kung kyo ang mka experience.. hayys.. >_<

  • wew

    akin nlg ung FUBO mo hahahaha

  • Jan Johansson

    Hi, please update your review to include which firmware it were delivered with and which one you updated it to. My Fusion Bolt has Cherry_A610_V2, and runs pretty well with no mentionable lag. This from factory. And it has ATM7029 CPU.

  • quintana

    daling masira yung fusion bolt

    • Jlynmig

      nasira ba ung sa u?

    • Darkars

      oo nga eh.

      na.hulog ung sakin.

      basag na agad

      • buttocks

        mula san ba nalaglag? sa second floor?!!!!

        • Nailz Nis

          mine was na basag lng from like a 2ft fall lng kasi 6 years old lng anak ko sya may ari neto. tas bumili ako ng bago kasi medyu matagal ung process nila sa pag paayos eh mura lng pag sa cherry ka talga mag papa ayus mga 900+ lng pero 3 months ka mag hihintay, pag sa tabitabi halos 2k which is almost hafh the price of FUBO soo bumili ako ng bago. ayun ito iwan ko kung totoo ba ito or fake kasi nitry ko na mag hard reset ayaw nya nag on off lng -.-. kaka disappoint talaga sana ung 8k ko need nlng ng 1k naka bili na sana ako ng samsung tab 3. ok naman sya sa performance pero china made talaga grabe ang dali ma sira. btw ung first FUBO ko 3 weeks lng un ung 2nd naman wala pang 7 days ang lag na nag white screen pa ayaw palitan ng nabilhan ko kasi need pa ipa check sa cherry service which is ang layu talga sa lugar namin kasi isa yes isa lng talga ang service center nila d2 sa cebu grabe!

          • Luha

            Kasi next time magsurvey muna bago bumili… kung nagtitipid sa presyo ng tablet, asahan nyo talaga na hindi ganun katibay or kaganda ng service.. syempre pag mura ganun talaga.. alanga naman na mura tas parang samsung at iPad?? syempre hindi.. gets?? saka ang tablet dapat ibayong ingat whatever the brand is… now you learn a lesson.

          • Dennis Lacerna

            cnu po willing mkipagtrade from cm fusion storm to cm fuusion bolt 3days p lng po open box n cia?

          • Nailz Nis

            nag survey ako neto for almost 1 year bago ako bumili may naririnig akung mga bad feedbacks pero bumili ako dahil maganda talga specs nya. sinabi sakin 3 months pero na fix naman ng 1 month. gusto ko rin bumili ng mga products na Filipino mobile phone and electronics company para support narin. ung isang tab ko namn change ko lng firmware ok na sya. naka buy narin ako samsung tab 3 medyu same lng sila ng performance pero, benenta ko ung fubo ng anak ko binigay ko ung samsung kasi medyu durable. kakilala ko lng benentahan ko and so far wala namn syang problem. keep ko naman ung isa d naman ako mahilig ng mga games sa tab kasi mas prefer ko ung mga mmorpg games na with highspecs like wow, aion mahirap mag laru sa tab and dapat maganda specs ng tab mo para ma support sila. sa mga gusto ng affordable na tab pang e-book, fb, surfing ok na to pero kung mas may budget kayu i prefer buy nlng kayu ng ibang tab or try nyu ung ibang tab ng cherry para support narin nating mga pinoy, support natin sariling atin kahit d made sa ph malay nyu pag nag boom cherry or ibang ph company maker ng tabs and phones magkaroon narin tayu ng sariling pagawaan natin sa pinas XD. i heard about pipo pero d ko rin sure kung durable din since mura din sya and china made same lng sa cherry d pa ko na bili XD try ko bumili tas feedback ako hihihi. XD

          • Luha

            Okay kung ganun. Samsung is very durable. Yung mga android phones and tab kong Samsung, maraming bagsak na ang na-survive nila and so far no issues arised. Lagi silang nahuhulong sa tiled floor, sometimes yun pang screen mismo lagapak sa floor, still it didn’t get scratches nor breakage.
            Na appreciate ko na mas gusto mo parin bumili ng Pinoy Brands which is really good. Kaya lang nga siguro dahil mura kaya ang durability bagsak. Pero kung mag invest sila and kahit magmahal ng konti basta matibay, maraming tatangkilik nun. Actually, sa performance almost the same naman and Pinoy Brands with International Brands. Patibayan lang talaga ang labanan.

      • Ayos!

        Malamang nahulog :p

        hindi mababasag kung iingatan teh..

  • wally

    di naman 8gb internal memory,6 gb lg,grabi talaga

    • Cutz

      alam mo ba yung salitang TOTAL?? syempre kailanga i-add dun yung internal storage aside from internal SD

  • Magat

    Hi, nagka-crack yung screen ng FUBO ko, ok pa naman yung screen nya kaso parang ordinary monitor na lang sya.. Ayaw na ng touch screen pls help po, maayos pa ba yun

    • jonas

      need replace of flex ng fubo meron daw sa baclaran 300 lng may kasama labor kung ayaw mo sa service center ng cm 2 months bago makuha

      • Magat

        Ok thanks po,

        • Guest


  • Raphael Alexander

    can i download bluetooth settings on my fusion bolt?

    • Keith

      Walang bluetooth function ang fusion bolt. It is a hardware piece FYI.. There’s no such thing as “downloadable blutooth settings”.. Gets?

    • Iknow

      t a n g a mo!

  • aldrin

    hi.. ganun po b talga ang fubo, may internal memory n 1gb, internal sd card n 5gb+, tapos pde pa lagyan ng external sd card? kapag kasi nag iinstall or dl ako ng kahit anung apps, game or video (Playstore, Youtube.. etc) sa internal memory sya nappunta, tapos pag lipat ko sana sa external sd, sa internal sd nappunta.. sayang kasi ung 16gb n external sd card n nabili ko.. panu ba ilipat sa external sd ung nasa internal sd? kahit pla take ka ng pic or vid, sa internal sd p din nappunta.. pa help po sana.. ty!

    yan po sample screen shot.. btw, 7.58gb n lang ung free ng external ko kasi nilagyan ko ng mga movies..

    • ZebSaip

      That’s how android versions for tablets are designed. But there’s a workaround – you need to root your tablet, then install an app that would trick the system so that you can transfer the app data files in your ext sd from your int sd. Root your tablet, then download from play store the workaround app. I use GL to SD to load tons of HD games.

      Be careful rooting your unit and good luck!

  • Astig Ornales

    hellow hindi po maitouch ang screen pwede po ba itong ayosin?

  • Rossini Hitomo Ubaña

    panu po to, nawala ung notification area ng fubo q..panu po maibabalik un?

  • chi noble

    bkit po kaya ganun ung fushion bolt ko chinarge ko lng after mga2 hours chineck ko ayaw na mag turn on nung tablet ko..anu po ba dapat ko gawin

  • pat

    mine has been locked and i can no longer use it. how will i fix this mess up?

    • Opinion

      Boot into recovery mode.. then factory reset.. search it on Google on how to do it..

  • Guest

    maganda talga FUBO kung sa games, e-book, surfing, movie streaming oks na oks talga and sa battery life nya 4000mah 4hrs charge para ma full. using it or playing non-stop mga 2-4 hrs depende sa game na nilalaro mo or sa ginagawa mo, pag idle mo lng umaabot ung FUBO ko ng halos 2 days and plus sa screen pa na ang crisp and clear for a 4k tab sulit na sulit. pero! dapat talga ibayong ingat mga pre, china made kasi bilis ma basag mismo ako na experience ko na na drop lng ung cherry FUBO ko ng 2ft basag agad screen. pag maraming apps nilagay mo ung response nya bumabagal talga kahit na 32 gb pa memory mo, and ung pinaka hate ko service nila hays kaka inis talaga sa lugar nga namin isang service center lng tas tagal pa nila ma fix kasi wala sila tech na mismo aayus sa tab mo pag physical or grabe na ung sakit ng tab mo, mag wait kapa ng halos 2-4 months bago mo ma kuha tab mo kasi sa manila pa daw nila ipapa fix un. ung sa mga masinop and gusto ng murang tab i suggest kumuha kayu neto. pero kung e gift nyu sa mga anak nyu na bata, like me, i suggest kumuha nlng kayu ng ibang tab na hindi madaling ma sira.

    • Opinion

      Ako nabagsak ko rin akin.. from the chair… nasira yung Proximity and Gravity sensor hahaha

  • Nailz Nis

    maganda talga FUBO kung sa games, e-book, surfing, movie streaming oks na oks talga and sa battery life nya 4000mah 4hrs charge para ma full. using it or playing non-stop mga 2-4 hrs depende sa game na nilalaro mo or sa ginagawa mo, pag idle mo lng umaabot ung FUBO ko ng halos 2 days and plus sa screen pa na ang crisp and clear for a 4k tab sulit na sulit. pero! dapat talga ibayong ingat mga pre, china made kasi bilis ma basag mismo ako na experience ko na na drop lng ung cherry FUBO ko ng 2ft basag agad screen. pag maraming apps nilagay mo ung response nya bumabagal talga kahit na 32 gb pa memory mo, and ung pinaka hate ko service nila. haays, kaka inis talaga sa lugar nga namin isang service center lng tas tagal pa nila ma fix kasi wala sila tech na mismo aayus sa tab mo pag physical or grabe na ung sakit ng tab mo, mag wait kapa ng halos 2-4 months bago mo ma kuha tab mo depende daw sa lugar like me I’m from cebu, kasi sa manila pa daw nila ipapa fix un. sa mga masinop and gusto ng murang tab i suggest kumuha kayu neto. pero kung e gift nyu sa mga anak nyu na bata, like me na gift ko sa bday ng anak ko pero kung masinop naman anak nyu ok na seguro ito sakin kasi 6 years old pa sya, i suggest kumuha nlng kayu ng ibang tab na hindi madaling ma sira.

    • napagawa mo ung screen? 2 binili kong ganito.. ayun after a month wasak agad ang screen, hindi na namin pinagka abalahan na pagawa pa.. magkano mo napagawa?

      • Nailz Nis

        981php pag sa cherry center ka talga papagawa pero 1 month lng naman sya and so far so good naman ingat lng talagang d ma bump kasi nga china made and d kilala ung maker nya madali ma sira but the performance is good. sa mga e-book users, fb addicts and movie streamers ok na tab na to ibayong pag iingat lng talga pero try ko pipo tablets pero dahil china made din un nag dadalawang isip na ko, pag china made nga naman talaga d2 sa pinas dali talga ma sira kasi maliit lng standard d2 kaya nakakapasok mga low quality products, pero try ko pa buy ako ng pipo sa papa ko sa US baka mas matibay dun hihihi.

        • Reika Shiroboshi

          how old na yang cherry tab mo? im from ubec too and plan ko bumili next week for xmas. Is this good for gaming?

          email me please. pierreanime@gmail.com


          • Nailz Nis

            ummm mga 2 months palang ok naman performance sa price nyang 3.9k lng maganda na specs nya medyu d pa smooth sa mga mabibigat na games like minnion rush or nba2k13 pag hindi rooted dapat update talga firmware, pero if surfing lng or use mo as an e-book ok naman sya kahit d mo na e-root pero warning lng ang dali nya ma sira pag na bump lng sya baka ma sira na lcd nya kaya ibayong ingat lng talaga. and sabi nila nag stop na daw cherry nag pag produce ng FUBO iwan ko lng kung bakit or totoo ba

  • Rahrahratrat

    penge ng link kung pano ma-update yung firm ware ng FUBO. please. yung step by step instruction. first time akong user ng tablet at mag-update ng tablet. please help. Thanks.

  • kim-j

    galing ng review.., thumbs up., lahat ng question ko nasagot sa review na to.., :D

  • jester salaysay

    tanung lang poh.. bibili poh kasi ako nyan nagun.. ehhh tanung lang poh kung anu puh ba yung mga free games nyan???

    • Samharvin Laxamana

      wla pong FREE GAMES yan ikaw talaga mag da-download yan….!!!

    • theTruth

      tanag mo naman!

  • Cris

    Bakit di po nagchacharge yung fusion bolt ko. I bought it brand new.

    • manggagamit ng celpon

      factory defect yan either yung tablet or yung charger, my GF and I had to bring back the tablet to the store we bought it from, but unlike ‘stories’ in Manila, after-sales service were smooth, understandably, they had to check if the tablet had been tampered with or there were physical mishandling, but after the strict inspection, they happily changed the unit . . that’s why you should always check your unit thoroughly before leaving the store when buying, it saves you the hassle for later

    • ggv

      Edi isoli mo sa pinagbilhan mo.

  • Joseph

    Kaya po ba nito ang mkv videos na 720p 10-bit FLAC na may bitrate na aabot ng 1MB/s?

    or frankly, may assurance po ba na kakayanin niya lahat or karamihan ng maitatapong 720p sa kanya?

    kasi baka mamaya maglagay ako ng video tapos biglang di kakayanin

    • TabletGeek

      Read mo kaya yung review sa taas ng page! 7-inch IPS LCD 720p HD display @ 1280×800 pixels

      • Lightpost

        Does that mean na wala siyang limitasyon sa bitrate ng mga video na kaya niyang i-play?

        • IT

          Try mo kasi…

    • Opinion

      Yung format ng mga VIDEOS downloaded from YOUTUBE… kaya nya i-play..

      3000 – 6000 kbps kaya nya i-play with 23 frames/second

      ^ yan kasi yung format ng mga downloaded from youtube…

  • mhytot

    magkano parepair ng “can’t connect to camera” sa fusion bolt??

    • Opinion

      I think it’s a factory defect… CM has a lot of devices with factory defects, luckily, my FuBo doesn’t have one..

      My friend’s Flare [not the same device, but a common error on their devices] also have this kind of defect…

    • ekwak

      re attch mo lng yung cable ng camera ok na yun

  • dreamcircus

    hi po.. compared sa CM Fusion Storm po mas maganda pa rin po ba itong Bolt? Yung Storm kasi parang iPad Mini yung size nya,w/c i find more ideal when reading ebooks.. konti lang ba difference nila sa specs? same price lang din po kasi.. =) thanks

    • ManOfSteel

      Magbasa ka kaya.. nakapunta ka sa site na to pero di mo binasa yung review sa taas.. o eto kawawa ka naman sa katangahan mo.

      7-inch IPS LCD 720p HD display @ 1280×800 pixels
      Actions Semiconductor ATM7025 ARM Cortex A9 1.0GHz quad-core
      1GB DDR3 RAM
      8GB internal storage
      up to 32GB via microSD
      WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
      2MP rear camera
      0.3MP front-facing camera
      HDMI out
      Li-Ion 4,000mAh battery
      Android 4.1.1 Jellybean
      186.2mm x 126.9mm x 10.8mm (dimensions)
      320 grams (weight)

      SRP Php 3,999.00

  • Lhen

    i love my CMFB but now ayaw n nyang mag start! no power, wala lahat, ayaw ding mag charge and nag iinit sya kapag china charge…am so careful in handling my bolt, i dont know what happened…and grabe i am really going to a service center but sobrang dami ng mga nakapila for repair, HELP, HELP, HELP! please help me. saan ko pwede dalhin to beside s SM NORTH EDSA na laging puno ang store for repair!

    • FUBO

      accept the reality..

      • Lightpost

        What reality? That this device really isn’t worth your money despite the great things pointed out in the review?

    • Anonymous

      Try nyo sa may Shaw Blvd. Liberty Building ata un.
      May Cherry Mobile Service Center dun

    • Lightpost

      Sayang naman. :-/ Balak ko bumili niyan sa Lunes. Gano na ba katagal yan? Baka may ibang gumamit na di mo alam tapos nasira nila.

  • Joshua Padilla

    may usb to otg ba ito?

    • starbuko

      isa kpa mag basa kadin!

  • JMBalicano

    Hi Lightpost :) My Fusion Bolt is still working fine although I don’t use it as often as I used to. The build quality isn’t something I’m confident in and I’ve protected it with a really thick case.

    • Lightpost

      Ah, that’s good to hear! I guess I should also get a thick case if ever I end up buying one. I wonder if there’s an impact resistant screen protector for this too.
      Thanks again!

  • James

    available pa po ba itong fusion bolt ? meron pa po ba nito sa sm dasma ?

    • WagasNaUser

      Try mo kaya pumunta. Kasi sa ibang SM stores wala na.

  • Reika Shiroboshi

    BOSS JM, thumbs up for this! Hope you can read this comment.

    Even after the review i still have doubts whether this is a good tab for games or not. Android playstore has Final Fantasy games for download, is this tab good for that kind of game? Please do reply if you can. thanks!!!

    • Lightpost

      I think Fusion Bolt can handle it flawlessly. I remember being able to play FFIII and FFIV on a single-core (at least that’s what the owner told me) tablet with very little lag.

      I still haven’t bought one yet to fulfill my DS gaming needs.

  • lechz

    Anyone help me! I cannot root my fubo in superuser anymore after I reset it.What way I could reroot this device?

  • bu

    Cm is misleading buyers with their specs on the box and so is torque…bought a tablet as a gift for my kids and ending up with a refund. This is mostly on the rom and ram… I purchased a lenovo tab, the rom and ram on the box is what i got on the tablet..MISLEADING is the word for cm and torque. Ok na sana kasi nga mura pero false ang specs…

  • Grant Gregorio

    so far po ba anung problems na nangyayari sa tablet niyo CMFB

    • Opinion

      Well, the only issues with my FuBo is the SLUGGISH UI [this doesn’t bug me anyway, It’s just the browsing through the home screen] and the SUPER HOT times when I charge this, which is caused by the QUAD-CORE processor, and also, the heat of this country xD

  • I know Wut you did Last Winter

    It’s a good price for 1GB Ram / 8GB Rom with a Quad Processor, imo.

    • David Ariel Anota

      It is sold with 1GB.
      BUT the actual Ram is only at 687mb!
      That’s quite a deception.

      • red

        Yes its true the ram is not actually 1 gig , i buy this tablet last march 26 2014 and its keep reseting everytime im using fb, instagram and the browser at once, problem… low ram

        • Telling

          some cpus like this tabet’s, needs a sufficent amount of ram. Example, the qualcomm cpus.

      • Philippe S.

        I checked it too~! I used ZTE’s software from the PLAY STORE,, cost-cutting :(

  • Dave E. Sarov

    hey boss. i just bought a fusion bolt and got curious with the spec. so i downloaded an app called CPU / RAM / DEVICE Identifier. I got worried cause it registered the device as a dual core. did i read it wrong?

  • Lloyd Fontamillas

    sir ano po recommended nyo na gaming tablet na pasado sa budget,salamat

    • Adrianoid

      Hmmm bihira kasi murang gaming tablet eh, pero tip ko sayo, iwasan mo ung mga tablets ng Cherry mobile & torque. Pwede na ung star mobile o myphone. Kung ayaw mo ng local, try mo samsung Tab3, o kaya O+, yung 7.3 pad active ng o+ grabe ambilis sa asphalt 8 & RR3, Kaso 7k ata un pero sulit naman daw sabi nung kaibigan ko kahit dual core

    • Opinion

      You can have cheap tablets that have around 800 x 480 resolution that can run games that require a bit of excessive system resources… mas malaki kasi resolution, mas ginagamit yung chipset / video card, hindi ganoon kalakas ang video card ng FUSION BOLT, kaya I don’t recommend it for gaming + 1280 x 800 yung resolution nya, which means, mas malaki trabaho ng mahinang chipset ng FuBo…

      Try to find cheap tablets that have 800 x 480 resolution… at least yun, kahit maliit resolution, hindi masyadong malaki trabaho ng chipset and video card

  • Adrianoid

    I have this tablet… It’s turning 1 year old on april 25….

    I can fully say my review & experience.

    I am really disappointed on this product, i did a full data wipe (SD & internal) and you know what? After the wipe data process, i noticed that homescreen scrolling is reaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyyy laggy as f*ck, the antutu X score is 9040, the quadrant score is 2102. The battery drains even i don’t use it, it always gets super hot when charging (im not using it while charging). The camera sensor is good though but the photos are slightly blurry (i know that theres a plastic cover on the camera, and i removed & still blurry).

    So overall i rate this tablet 2 stars

    • Opinion

      The laggy experience after the wipe data process might be caused by a firmware / software / operating system malfunction… and about the battery, you might have a lot of programs consuming your RAM that leads to battery exhaustion, about the “super hot” thing, it’s caused by the quad-core processor (there might be programs running at the background) + it’s charging… about the camera sensor, maybe a factory defect…

      I never had a problem with my Fusion Bolt, I really love it, I use it for presentations at school, SNS, Media Device, and for web browsing…

  • yellow_meana

    hi, please po help ayaw po kasi mag debug nung device (fusion bolt) nka set up na po cia nka on na po sa debug, ayaw talaga ma identify ng loptop, sana my makatulog thanks po advance :)

  • iactmo

    Hello, I have a fusion bolt and I experience phantom/ghost touches from time to time.. This is the second unit already, because I had the first replaced due to the same issue.. Do any of you experience this? If you have, was it solved? If it was, how? Thank you very much!!!

    • Philippe S.

      Phantom / Ghost touches are usually caused when you’re using the device while it’s charging, if that’s the case, then it’s natural.. ;) It happens in most devices, including ZTE, Samsung, and other brands..

  • Opinion

    I think it’s a factory defect, a common error on all of their devices..

  • rina jane

    Hi po may fushion bolt po ako bakit po Hindi ako makapag screenshot may umapire Na storage is most been used mataas naman memory ko dirin ako makapag download may mag apire Na Google play is been stop tulungan Nyo pro ako plzsss

  • Philippe S.

    It says 1GB RAM, but when I checked it using ZTE’s hardware management (well, this is authentic, it allows me to check even Ainol Novo’s / Cherry Mobile’s devices)

    What it says is, I only have 768mb RAM :(

    • g

      Hey ! the other 232 mb ram is use as a system ram … if u dont understand Google it ..

  • Joseph

    Hello. Baka may maka tulong sakin.. May Fusion bolt kasi ako.. aksidenteng nadaganan ko. then nag ka lamat yung screen, everything is working on may tab. maliban sa touch.. so itinabi ko muna fo several month kasi hindi ko magamit. then one time inopen ko sya ulet. (charge and on the tab kahit basag pa) i don’t know what happen. nawala yung settings na huling ginamit ko…. then ipinagawa ko sya at napalitan ang screen.. biglang may error na “No external storage available” i cant use my cam, video, and even yung mga naka save na mp3 music nawala. Wala namang nagalaw mula nung itinabi ko. At binantayan ko namang mabuti yung nag repair(Alam ko rin yung risk sa repair)… << (this is my story..) the question here is… how can i fix this "No external storage available error? i already insert an SD card. but its just like an USB flash drive..

    • joseph

      Please sana may Sumagot.. sayang ang nobela ko ^_^ hahaha

      • Bic

        reformat na yan bro…

  • she

    can I install bluetooth? or do I need bluetooth dongle?

    • Philippe S.

      No, you can’t, unless you have a USB Bluetooth > OTG Cable > the Tablet’s Micro-usb..

      but I transfer through LAN instead, apps like Wifi FTP can do the work ;)

  • dandev

    Gud morning pro..bakit palaging nagka-crash ang mga apps ko randomly esp. Ung mga built in apps ko at launcher? I’v been doing fctory reset since it started kc d ko ma access ang iba kong apps. Til now still d problem occurs. Pls help me! Tnx

  • riccisan

    nice detailed review, i have one, my mom uses it for candy crush at ako pang COC

  • curioys one

    clarification lng po ha. wla po itong sim slot?