HONOR just unveiled a new concept device, the HONOR V Purse. And yes, it really comes with straps so you can carry it like an actual purse.

The HONOR V Purse concept is an outward foldable phone similar to the HUAWEI Mate Xs 2, making it thinner than the HONOR Magic V2 and even some traditional bar phones.


HONOR considers the device as a “phy-digital fashion statement” that combines physical design touches — hence the straps — and matching Always-On Display (AOD) styles.

To create the stylish AOD styles, HONOR teamed up with Bram Van Diepen, menswear design director at Burberry; Yunuene Esperanza, a contemporary artist; Xiao Hui Wang, an interdisciplinary artist; and Yuan Youmin, dean of the China Academy of Art International College.


Just like smartwatches, the goal is to allow users to complement their style and outfits by mix-and-matching interchangeable straps and different AOD design, which is visible on both sides of the device when folded.

What’s more, the V Purse was also created with the environment in mind. It was built using sustainably sourced materials like vegan leather for the straps.

Since it’s a concept phone, you won’t be able to see it on store shelves anytime soon. However, they are planning on making the AOD designing platform available to designers and developers around the world who want to create their own.

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