2014 has barely started and MyPhone already has a new offering for budget-minded smartphone buyers. The recently announced MyPhone Hail sports a 5 inch screen and dual core processor while keeping to an enticingly low Php4,598 SRP. What kind of specs are we getting for that price?

The MyPhone Hail features a large screen, but the resolution is a bit on the low side. At 480 x 854 FWVGA resolution, the pixel density is just 196ppi, so don’t expect the image quality to be all that good. Also, the price point means the panel will likely be a TN (twisted nematic) display, rather than IPS. TN displays can be really bright, but colors tend to be washed out, and it gets especially bad when viewing the screen from off-center. We’re still hoping that it’s IPS though. We’ll give an update to this post if we get a chance to check it out ourselves.

While quad core phones have flooded the market, that doesn’t mean that dual core phones no longer have a place in it. In fact, you can get decent performance at a much more affordable price compared to last year’s dual core phones. The MyPhone Hail is equipped with the MediaTek MT6572 SoC, which has its dual core processor clocked at 1.3GHz. Also, it has a fairly respectable Mali 400 MP1 GPU, which should be more than enough for some 3D and HD gaming.

Other features include dual cameras (5mp rear/VGA front), WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. It’s also powered by a 1,600mAh battery. If you’re looking to browse the internet and check your social media accounts on the go you’ll have to make do with 2G speeds as 3G has sadly been omitted from the MyPhone Hail spec sheet. Also, 1,600mAh (Update: It’s 2kmAh) is kind of small considering most phablets with large screens are powered by batteries with capacities of 2,000mAh and upward.

MyPhone Hail Promo Graphic

Myphone Agua Hail Specs

  • 5″ FWVGA capacitive touchscreen
  • 1.3GHz dual core MediaTek MT6572 processor
  • Mali 400 MP1 GPU
  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB internal storage, expandable via micro SD up to 32GB
  • 5mp rear-facing camera
  • VGA front camera
  • WiFi b/g/n
  • Bluetooth
  • 2,000mAh battery
  • Price: Php4,598

UPDATE: Read our full review of the MyPhone Agua Hail! Watch the video review here.

At Php4,598, the MyPhone Agua Hail offers large screen real estate and acceptable performance. However, 3G isn’t exactly the kind of feature that should be skimped on when it comes to smartphones. If they had included 3G and bumped up the price a bit, the Hail would have jumped from being just a decent buy to an excellent buy. Then again, there’s the MyPhone A919i Duo for that.

[Source: MyPhone]

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  1. I really love this phone!!! Thanks to the people behind MyPhone!!! I’m very proud of you!!!♥

  2. Forward

    On Feb 17, 2014 10:56 PM, “Lani Garcia” wrote:
    I purchased a myphone agua hail together with a b88 tv duo last feb 4 and my complaints are as follows:

    1) battery would hover at 99% while charging and takes hours to get to 100 that I rarely get to charge it to reach 100
    2) wifi doesn’t work at times that I have to turn the wifi settings on/off 5-10x/day
    3) youtube/videos hang more than my rain 2g even though unit has better specs
    4) the screen protector sold at the shop scratched in a day and already has bubbles, the one on my rain 2g which I bought from a sidewalk vendor was only P50 no bubbles no scratches to date
    5) back cover has a tiny ding
    6) you have been selling said unit at some sm branches at 3988 since jan 29 and you have oficially posted the said price on fb, whereas the store at robinsons metroeast sold me the unit at 4598 with all the defects

    B88 tv duo:
    1) the box has been resealed, it has 2 seals and underneath the original seal looks old and obviously dilapidated and previously been opened
    2) antenna is loose and doesn’t hold still if I position it, and would fall while in use
    3) battery not as long as other users claimed, and as per reviews made online 2 yrs ago
    4) usb cable won’t fit the charging port when the silicone case is attached
    5) warehouse sale at 880 whereas unit was sold to me at 999 with all the defects

  3. myphone is a shitty phone and the people who buy myphone are shitty people!!!!
    death to the myphone company and death to myphone users!!!!

    1. Kuwento mo sa nanay mong nagpalaki sayo para magsabi ng ganyan! Mauna kang mamatay! Paburol ka sa baul!

  4. Ayun naman pala eh, kaya pala saksakan ng mahal itong walang kwentang GPRS phone na to kasi endorser si Jed Madela

  5. this must be a joke…No 3G? hahahah
    How could they NOT include 3G?

    The nerve na makapag-presyo ng ganyang kamahal, huh?!