Xiaomi, one of the few companies that mocked Apple for initiating a move over environmental concerns, finds itself following the same vogue by choosing not to include a charger with the Mi 11 out-of-the-box.

As announced over Chinese social site Weibo, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun claims that the Xiaomi Mi 11 will “pack lightly,” followed by a statement suggesting a “response to the call of technology and environmental protection.”


A clear reference to the non-inclusion of a charger within Mi 11’s packaging, which is previously a staple to all smartphone purchases, the word came as a complete turnaround from the company’s promise of “comprehensive” content with their gadget.

Xiaomi is not alone in rethinking and giving in to the latest fad, however, as Samsung is likely to follow suit as well with the upcoming release of the Galaxy S21.

Those who are up-to-speed in the scene would recall Samsung’s similar stance to Xiaomi when Apple initially sent word over its step towards omitting chargers with the iPhone 12. The company even made an ad about it for the Galaxy series—only for the same promotional material to be deleted later after.

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