[Poll] MyPhone Agua Iceberg VS Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z?

MyPhone Agua Iceberg VS Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z

In case you’re living under a rock for a month now or you’re just very busy to keep up with the latest tech news, two local smartphone giants clashed last week with their own release of high-end superphones. 

The MyPhone Agua Iceberg is actually the first ever pinoy smartphone to come with a premium aluminum body and it was launched last July 26 in Eastwood. It also packs impressive specifications which will surely give you a satisfying android experience. MyPhone also decided to remove the Philippine map on their smartphones (starting with Iceberg) to make it look more appealing to others. The Iceberg is now available for Php11,998.

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Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z VS MyPhone Agua Iceberg

Meanwhile, the Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z was the first one to launch last July 24 and it on that day it became the first ever locally branded android smartphone to sport a Full HD (1920×1080 pixel resolution) display which is currently the norm for flagship android phones from well-known international players such as Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony. The Cosmos Z will be available this August for Php11,999.

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These two smartphones doesn’t directly compete with each other, as the first one is 5-inches while the Iceberg has 5.7-inches. But since they’re currently the best among the two brands, we figured they are the ones competing against each other, too.

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Now, take your pick. Is it the MyPhone Agua Iceberg or the Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z?

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