Today, one of the more important factor of a phone is display. Currently, the battle between the international giants have reached up to the amazing 1080p displays. While having a great display is something all of us want, not all of us can afford such luxury as current International flagship phones costs more or less about P24,000!

For those itching for a 1080p display on a lower price, your answers may have been answered by one of Philippines’ top local brands! Cherry Mobile has astounded many of us by releasing Cosmos Z, one of the first 1080p phones to hit the market! Aside from its amazing display, does Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z bring anything more to the table? Read on and Find out!

Box and Contents

Box of Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z

As far as package inclusion goes, Cherry Mobile has done nothing Special as you get the standard USB Cable, Charger, Manuals and a headset. The box isn’t even as appealing as it looks similar to hundreds of its predecessors.

Design and Build

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z Review

Aside from jumping the 1080p waggon, Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z also went with a 5-inch display. Sadly, the design is as standard as it could get as it also looks like one you have seen hundreds of time before. The front houses the 8MP BSI camera and capacitive touch buttons. Sides have the volume rocker and the power button . The back houses one of the highest camera resolution out on the market with an 18MP  BSI camera. Its back cover is not your usual fingerprint magnet plastic material but it does not feel as executive for a flagship release by a local electronics giant.

Overall, the phone feels more of the same and does not exactly bring something new, it does however, feel easy to handle and it is impressively thin.


Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z

After a relatively long wait of about 8 months after Xperia Z, one of the first 1080p phones.  Cherry Mobile finally released a phone with a display that matches that of the international market. Cosmos Z, along with its 5 Inch Display boasts a 1080×1920 Screen. It is amazingly sharp and just looks amazing! If you have been a constant fan of Cherry’s releases, Cosmos Z is an amazing leap forward from Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0. Movie playback or just plain image browsing is a definite joy to do.

Entertainment Factor


As far as entertainment goes, Cherry Mobile has had some ups and downs especially with respect to audio quality. Cherry Mobile Titan and Omega has respectable audio quality, but Cherry Mobile Flare, Burst, Skyfire 1, was a below average performer. Surprisingly, for the Cosmos Z, it has quite a nice audio quality with the right amount of loudness. Its stock headset is not as reliable, though, it is recommended you switch to another to maximize its audio quality potential. Connecting it to an external speaker gives off quite a nice output though maximizing the volume via the phone causes some distortion, better stick to multimedia playback via headsets.

1080p Evil Dead Screenshot

Video playback and image browsing are two of the factors where Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z stands out. With its amazing 1080p display, watching movies and flipping through your photos is a definite eye-candy. As far as CM has gone since its dual-core days, it has finally stepped up big time to finally be able to play 1080p Videos up to 2GB. Amidst its amazing performance, you have to know that its stock video player is still unreliable, though MX Player Pro will surely fill your movie playback needs.

Cosmos Z Price and Availability

For gaming, Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z was able to breeze through any game. Mainstream games showed no problems to the mighty Cosmos Z including NBA 2k13. Sadly, you cannot install as much HD games early on as it has a relatively low internal storage.

Internet and Games on CM Cosmos Z

If web browsing is your thing, you will be happy to know that Cosmos Z hold its ground and performs well. Web Browsing is, of course, internet dependent but if you have a stable and fast connection, browsing will rarely be a problem.


Camera Samples of Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z offers a huge 18MP main camera with 8MP on the front, both featuring a Back-Illuminated Sensor. Most, if not all of us, would immediately think that the 18MP camera is just a hype and bigger resolution does not always mean better pictures. While both statements maybe true, I have to say both does not necessarily apply to the Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z. Pictures actually came up good and quite respectable, especially outdoors with good lighting conditions. flash photography is quite good but not great, same as with most phones out there, and low-light without flash is below average which is not necessarily a bad thing as cameras on phones, generally do not perform quite as good on low light. Images on good lighting condition are bright, crisp, sharp with the right amount of saturation. See the pictures and judge for yourself.

Photo from Cosmos Z
Pitch Black Macro Shot with Flash

CM Cosmos Z Camera CM Cosmos Images


OS, Features of Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z

To complement Cosmos Z, it is powered by Mediatek MT6589 1.5GHz quad-core processor with 1GB RAM. Even with those specifications, I sometimes observe delay in swiping between screens and loading some apps. It also has Android 4.2.1 installed. The interface is as stock as it gets which is a good thing, though you have to look past the numerous bloatwares preinstalled which takes up precious space from the 2GB space allotted for apps. The device also has 4GB Internal storage for images, movies, music, and the like.

If you have been a consistent Android user, using this phone is no different. Before we forget, Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z is also a phone. With the messaging app, you get your stock messaging with the stock keyboard which is relatively smart as it learns from all your text input be it SMS or social media apps. Call quality is respectable, loud and clear.


One of the main flaws of Cosmos Z is its below average battery life. For a 1080p phone with a 5 inch display, its sports a relatively low, especially by today’s standard, 2000mah battery. It can last you a day or two on very light usage, heavy usage will drain your battery relatively quickly and it will barely last you a day.


Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z Review, Specs, Price, Availability

If you have been waiting for local brands to finally release a 1080p phone, your wish may have finally been granted. No doubt, Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z is one of the best local smartphones out today on the market, though it has its own flaws, namely a design that has been overused, a below average battery life, and observable delays every now and then.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z Specs

  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • Dual-SIM, Dual Standby
  • 5-inch Full HD IPS Corning Gorilla Glass 2 Display
  • 1.5GHz MT6589T quad-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB internal storage
  • 18-megapixel BSI main camera with LED flash
  • 8-megapixel front-facing camera
  • WiFi, WiFi hotspot
  • HSPA+
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Battery: 2000mAh
  • Price: Php11,999

For a pioneer of Full HD locally branded android phones, Cosmos Z shows a very promising start to a bright looking future,  but knowing Cherry Mobile, it will just be a few weeks before they release a better and improved version of this handset. It’s up to you if you are willing to wait for the better one, or you are itching for this one right now! Kudos to Cherry Mobile for bringing 1080p at a much more affordable price.

What do you guys think? Will you be getting your own Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z? Will you wait for better releases? Or will you be one who will wait for the flagships’ price to drop?

Hit us up on the comments and stay tuned! Xperia Z versus Cosmos Z 1080p pioneer comparison coming soon!

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  1. ang akin Omega HD 2.0 ay wala pa rin akong nakikitang problema.. mag 6 months ko na itong nabili at parang ito lang talaga ang panalo nilang android phone. ang tangi wala lang ay compass.. kahit mag install ako ayaw gumana ang compass.. Baka may na install kayo na compass app na compatible sa Omega HD 2.0 ?