US-based Qualcomm has recognized the market’s need for a powerful yet low-cost mobile chipset. With an integrated modem and support for dual SIM and LTE, the upcoming Qualcomm MSM8228 is an entry-level processor that supports 1080p displays and 13MP shooters.

Qualcomm’s ushering in of the MSM8228 is an expected move, what with up-and-coming MediaTek gobbling up market share with their own affordable quad-core CPUs. In fact, the Chinese chip maker has not only made major breakthroughs in the lower tier of the market, but also appealed to high-end smartphones such as those from Sony and LG.

Besides the specs above, the MSM8228 chipset also comes with Adreno 305 GPU, four cores clocked at 1.4GHz and based on Cortex A7 architecture, and better battery management.

Also check out Qualcomm’s promising Zeroth processor. Though we can certainly expect it to be expensive when released, it truly introduces a whole new level of mobile computing.

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