Samsung Galaxy Camera has been on the market for not so long and it’s only a matter of time before we get to see an update from Samsung. Don’t get too excited though as the Philippines may not get it at the same time with UK so you’ll probably wait a couple of days or weeks. So what’s new? Go check it out after the break.

If you’re expecting a wide range of new features, this update will disappoint you. But remember, this is just a very minor update so expect performance stability improvements, bug fixes, enhancements, and only a few minor key differences.

One thing that’s something to smile about is the new gallery app. It’s the gallery app which was also seen on the Galaxy Note 2. Since it’s quiet nice and sleek-looking, we can bet that this is already a reason to check your devices for an update.

** You can find the complete specs and demo video of the Samsung Galaxy Camera HERE.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera didn’t have much fanfare when it was launched and until now it’s still struggling to find its way against super smartphones. Although it has a 16-megapixel camera, ability to share the photos directly to social networking websites, or upload the photos to the cloud – the thing is, an android phone can do all those things. Yes, it features a superior 16-megapixel camera but is it a worthy device to bring along with you throughout a day? Nah, for many, it’s not. Also, given it’s hefty price tag of around Php20,000, it really doesn’t look attractive at all.

Anyway, if you have one, did your Galaxy Camera received the Android 4.1.2 update already?

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