OUYA’s android-based gaming console has now reach the developers who supported the project in Kickstarter last year. Fortunately, one developer behind the Code Zombie Games already have the console in his hand and he intends to share an overview of this OUYA product through videos.


In the videos, he shows us what it actually looks like including how to set it up to a television, and the type of user interface. If you’re hoping to see a game running on this device, I have bad news for you. Since it is just fairly new, there is still no pre-installed and no games available for download in OUYA’s store. However, he did try to sideload the ‘Deadly Dungeons’ game just for some laughs. He had a hard time navigating through it mainly because it’s still not compatible in the said device.

Watch the videos below to take the tour on this OUYA Android gaming console.

We could safely say the interface of this OUYA device is pretty decent and a few tweaks can eventually make it more appealing. The console will start shipping early this year to all those customers who pre-ordered  so we could expect more changes to come.

** You can check the full specs of OUYA android gaming console through this page.

We’re very excited to see and try this device out once we get the chance. Hopefully, we’ll see this OUYA console in the Philippines soon. We’ll update once we get details on its availability and price.

What do you think about this idea? Will you be interested in buying one?

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  1. The unit was released via retail in US and UK last 06/25. I personally placed mine via preorder last December with the hopes of receiving the unit last April. Apparently its already July and my unit is nowhere in sight. As of writing, Ouya made a cold entrance to the console world. Bad shipping moves to backers and preorders alike made bad publicity about this console. Not to mention bland retail reviews as well

  2. “Since it is just fairly new, there is still no pre-installed and no games available for download in OUYA’s store.”

    To be exact, it didn’t come with those because that is a developer console, evidenced by the transparent casing. It won’t come with any games because that unit is meant to test out games being developed for that platform. While it’s similar to the consumer version hardware-wise, I believe that it’s vastly different software-wise.