Samsung sets official release date and price for refurbished Galaxy Note 7


A few weeks ago, we have reported that there were rumors about Samsung releasing a refurbished Galaxy Note 7 dubbed as the Galaxy Note Fan Edition. And now, the rumors finally came to life as the Korean tech brand confirms its existence and release date.

This “new” Samsung smartphone is definitely for the avid followers. With all the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, you must really be a big fan to still consider on getting one. We can’t blame you, though. The Galaxy Note 7, other than the exploding batteries, was one of the best smartphones in existence when it was launched.

And speaking of exploding batteries, Samsung has already learned their lesson. They literally conducted a rigorous study to find out what happened. With that said, we can expect that the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition is safe this time.


Samsung now used a smaller 3200mAh battery, instead of the 3500mAh found on the original Note 7. Also, the Note Fan Edition will have the same software as the S8 and S8 Plus, complete with Bixby integration.

But other than that, it still the same Note 7 of yesterday. And remember, this is a refurbished device. Basically, all of the recalled Note 7s that are still in good condition and these ones are almost brand new.


Samsung is planning to initially offer 400,000 units first to their homeland, South Korea. Meanwhile, international availability is yet to be decided.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition will retail for KRW699,600 (around Php30,700). That’s inevitably cheaper than the Note 7’s Php39,900 initial price. Availability is set on July 7 and there Black Onyx, Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, and Silver Titanium colors to choose from.

Source: Samsung Korea

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