Xiaomi is officially pulling the plug to all MIUI Global Beta programs for all of their devices.

MIUI’s constant development and improvements are one of its unique selling points. While other manufacturers are slacking off with their custom Android skins, Xiaomi is continously enhancing their system to offer new features tailored to their users’ feedback and experience.

There are two levels of MIUI Beta testing. First is the private closed beta, which is the unstable version of their ROM in its early stages with experimental features included. The other is a beta program open to the public which is far more stable and has integrated features that are almost ready to be pushed in an official MIUI release.

But since Xiaomi is growing larger than ever, it probably realized that maintaining private and public beta versions of MIUI for dozens of their products consume too much resources that can otherwise be used in other departments. Another reason is, apparently, only a small amount of beta testers are actually giving valuable feedback to help fix issues.


A few days ago, the company initially announced that they are putting an end to the beta program for low-end Redmi smartphones. However, it seems like they changed their minds and is now putting a stop for every device in their entire catalogue.

One key takeaway here is MIUI developers now have more time in their hands to come up with faster MIUI 11 stable builds. In fact, the company recently revealed a long list of Xiaomi smartphones that are getting the new Android Q update.

Starting July 1, 2019, Xiaomi will stop rolling-out MIUI Global Beta ROMs to everyone. Let’s bid our goodbyes to one of the most active development ROMs of its time. RIP MIUI Beta, 2010-2019.

Source: Mi Community

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