Cardiovascular diseases, like heart attacks, remain to be the cause of most deaths in the world. Often, they are influenced by many factors such as poor diet and lifestyle and a prolonged case of hypertension, dubbed the “silent killer.”

But potentially deadly heart ailments can be preventable if detected early on. CHERRY seeks to foster that belief with the launch of the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor.

As the name implies, the CHERRY Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is a machine task for getting an accurate measure of one’s blood pressure. The device is especially useful in the absence of a healthcare professional, who traditionally was the only one capable of the task.


Using the device is relatively straightforward. Like the traditional sphygmomanometer, all the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor requires is getting it wrapped around the person’s arms. From there, initiating the reading is as simple as pressing a button. The user will then be informed of the findings via a backlit LCD panel, which changes in color depending on the result.

Not only does the CHERRY Smart Blood Pressure provide a precise reading of an individual’s blood pressure, but it also comes with functionalities that make it truly live to the label “smart”. For instance, the device can be paired with the CHERRY IoT Solutions app that allows you to track your blood pressure readings, enable you to get reminded, and more.

The CHERRY Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is available now via the CHERRY Shop PH, Shopee, or Lazada for Php3,289.

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