Infinix, since its initial launch in the market, has proven itself to be a brand to look into. From smartphones to laptops, this Transsion Holdings brand has been making quality products. And with the reveal of its most recent breakthrough—the 3D Lighting Leather—there is no mistaking that all eyes are on this company.

The 3D Lighting Leather Technology, as the name implies, is essentially a mixture of vibrant LED lights and transparent thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) leather. A photo by Infinix showed the potential use of 3D Lighting Leather as a surface material for its devices. The company also has plans in line with sound effects for dynamic notifications and alerts for different applications.

Another visual material provided by Infinix showed the inner and outer workings of the 3D Lighting Leather. As it appears, it consists of four layers, each of which shares the commonality of having the translucency to pass light through.


The topmost layer is the Transparent TPU Leather, which appears thin enough to let light be visible through it. The second layer is an almost (or more or less) thin Transparent Fiberglass Material. The third layer is the Lightproof Paint Layer, which is likely what gives off the hue when light passes through. Then, lastly, there is the Light Guide Film at the bottom, which is probably what constrains the light in a narrower, more linear space instead of diffused.

The 3D Lighting Leather will make its debut alongside the release of the Infinix Note 30 VIP special edition.

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