Air Fryers have instantly become one of the most popular kitchen appliances in the market today. So to ride the demand, local appliance brand XTREME has released their version of the product.

The XTREME Air Fryer features a 3.5L capacity that should be spacious enough to cook a whole chicken. It then has 8 menu preset, so you can instantly cook any popular recipes with a single press of a button.


There’s an instant button for Air Fry, roasting a chicken, bake, broil, de-hydrate, and more. It also has manual adjustment buttons if your recipe is not on the presets. There are tons of guides around the web that provide info for the right temperature and timer per recipe.

It has functional timer and automatic shut-off to help save electricity.



On the top of the buttons is a digital display for easy reading. As for the rest of the specs, this Air Fryer has 230V, 60Hz frequency, and 1500W of power. It weighs 4.2kg with dimensions of 370x270x308mm. The machine also comes with 1-year warranty.

The XTREME Air Fryer is available in XTREME’s own online store, and through Lazada and Shopee for only Php2,995.

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