Applications that specialize in 3D modeling and architectural design used to be so expensive and limited to full-fledged computers. Oh, how times have changed! Being a free and very capable mobile app, the recently released Autodesk FormIt for Android is a fine example of breaking this tradition.

Through Autodesk FormIt, any creative architect is able to draft design concepts for buildings and whatnot as they please. Inspiration can strike at anytime and anywhere, which means the app is quite a useful tool when users aren’t at their usual workplaces. Designs can be easily uploaded to the cloud, which users can then use to synchronize with other Autodesk software for further design enhancements.

Other features of Autodesk FormIt for Android include quick formation of shapes from a gallery or by a simple addition of geometric lines. Forms can then be modified with nifty gestures. Projects can be set on a searchable map interface, allowing architects to design in context with the actual location. Satellite imagery is also available.

Autodesk FormIt was first released as an iPad app in November last year. Now in its version 5.0 on that platform, Autodesk FormIt adds more tools and improvements to its already impressive set of features.

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