Fortnite had an amazing run when it launched on the iOS platform, but it seems like Epic Games is going on a different route on Android. 

Instead of launching the game on the Google Play store like every normal game out there, Epic Games has decided to make it harder for Android users to enjoy the game by requiring them to sideload it. And due to Android’s open nature, Google can’t really do anything about it.

But why not go the easy way and put it up on the Play store? That’s probably because Epic Games is avoiding the 30% cut that Google takes from app and game purchases. For a company that reportedly earn millions of dollars per day, that figure is definitely a huge cut in revenue. On the flip side, they don’t have any problems with Apple taking their part, though.


This move also enables the game developer to ban any and all of their players as they see fit, because they won’t need to adhere to Google Play store’s policies. The increased risk in getting malware is a big consideration as well, as ticking install from “unknown sources” could possibly come with consequences later on. In fact, a lot of users who don’t know any better would probably be tricked on installing a Fortnite APK mod with malware inside.

Another alarming issue about Fortnite for Android is that it targets the Lollipop API, as reported by Reddit user HeN1N. This means that the developer has all the permissions they want upon install and Android users have to dig into the settings to disable them one by one.

Since Fortnite is not yet widely available for Android, people are modding the official APK and releasing it to the public. The Fortnite APK mod makes the game available for users with unsupported devices, so they can enjoy the game right now instead of waiting for the official rollout.

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But what Android users don’t know is installing Fortnite APK mod comes with risks. Epic Games can potentially ban your account, or worse, your Android device and its IMEI for bypassing their beta and using it without permission. The company is known for banning tons of accounts in the PC version to deter them from modding and cheating, so it’s not surprising if the policy bleeds over to the mobile department.

If you really want to try out Fortnite and you understand the risks involved, make sure to download the Fortnite APK that matches the signature of the original from Epic Games. Or better yet, download it directly from the game developer’s website.

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