Xiaomi has just announced its newest PC component, the RGB mechanical gaming keyboard. 

It’s no longer about smartphones for Xiaomi, and they have shown that they can expand to other products lines for the past couple of years. They dove into consumer electronics like rice cookers, electric scooters, air purifiers, and they have been pretty successful.

To continue its diversification, Xiaomi has launched their first-ever mechanical gaming keyboard that comes with configurable RGB lighting.


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The Xiaomi gaming keyboard has a total of 104 keys equipped with TTC Red switches that has a 3-mm travel distance. On the inside, Xiaomi uses a microcontroller from Sonix which features a 32-bit Cortex-M0 core and USB interface with 1000Hz polling rate. There’s 33-key rollover as well, which could definitely make a difference in RTS and FPS games that uses multiple keys at once. Unfortunately, the Xiaomi gaming keyboard doesn’t have programmable keys and macros support.

The new RGB mechanical gaming keyboard from Xiaomi is housed in an aluminum chassis which results to a very durable and premium build. The key caps aren’t made of the typical ABS plastic keys like from other keyboards. Instead, its key caps’ are made of PBG (polybutylene terephthalate).


Like every other gaming keyboard out there, the RGB backlighting of the Xiaomi gaming keyboard can be programmed using its proprietary embedded software and FN key. There are also rubber nobs to regulate the angle, so it can be easily adjust by the user as needed.

The Xiaomi mechanical gaming keyboard is now available in China for a price of CNY229 (~Php1,800).

A couple of months ago, Xiaomi also launched another gaming product, the Mi gaming mouse.

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