It looks like Xiaomi is getting more serious with their gaming-related products as they announce the new Xiaomi Mi Gaming mouse.

We were first greeted by the Xiaomi Black Shark gaming smartphone and the Mi gaming laptop. Now, we have the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse. As expected, Xiaomi already got it right on the first try. The Mi Gaming Mouse is packed with features at a reasonable price tag.

By the looks of it, the gaming peripheral has a straightforward design. It has the right bump making it really ergonomic. It is also tinted in matte black, with the glossy tone added on the right places. It sports RGB lighting, located on the scroll wheel and lower right bottom portion to provide a discreet and eye-catching design.

Mi Gaming Mouse

Other than the RGB lighting, Xiaomi Mi gaming mouse is equipped with other gaming features as well. It has a 7,200DPI sensor with a 32-bit ARM processor and it comes with a 30G acceleration 150 IPS tracking speed and four pre-programmed speeds (125/250/500/1000).

Probably the most interesting part is the Xiaomi Mi Gaming mouse can be used in either wireless or wired mode. This implementation is really exciting as the user can just plug it in easily to recharge (no battery needed) while diminishing any latency issues as needed.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Mouse - Price, Specs

Users can also go wireless if when they are on the go. Plus, with its compact design, users can easily stuff in in their laptop-sleeve or any pocket in their bag. It also works on both Windows and iOS, so compatibility is no issue.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing this in Xiaomi’s official stores here in the Philippines. Currently, the device is only available in China through JD.com for a price of CNY 259 (~Php2,200).

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